Luck and Entourage Set For November

HBO Home Entertainment has announced “Luck: The Complete First Season” and “Entourage: The Complete Collection” for Blu-ray release. Luck is set for November 27 and Entourage is set for November 8. Entourage will include all 96 episodes on 18 discs. Check below for a list of supplements for each title.

Disc Features

  • 3 audio commentaries
  • Life at the Track
  • Invitation to the Set
  • A Day at the Races

Entourage: The Complete Collection
Disc Features

  • 22 audio commentaries with cast and crew
  • Behind-the-Scenes of Entourage
  • The Mark Wahlberg Sessions
  • Vegas, Baby, Vegas
  • Anatomy of Entourage
  • Museum of Television & Radio Pane
  • Meet the Newest Member of Entourage
  • Medellin Trailer
  • Making of Medellin
  • USCAF Aspen Panel Discussion
  • The Celebrity Factor
  • Ferrari Speedway Piece
  • Life At The Top, BTS piece
  • One X One PSA, directed by Matt Damon
  • Extended BTS Piece
  • Interview w/ Sasha Grey
  • Hollywood Sunset: Roundtable w/ Cast