Kevin Smith changes his retirement plans

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Writer/Director Kevin Smith’s been planning on putting away the director’s chair for quite some time now and that plan was going to finally come to fruition with his upcoming two-part hockey film HIT SOMEBODY. Well, once again, his plans have changed and now instead of wrapping up his near two decade career with HIT SOMEBODY, he’ll be returning to his View Askewniverse for one final tale with CLERKS III.

Today on his Twitter account, Smith announced to his 2.2 million followers that HIT SOMEBODY’s now set to become a six-hour long television mini-series instead of a two-part film and since that was set to be his retirement film, he’ll now be filling in its spot with a third and final CLERKS film “the minute Jeff Anderson signs on.” Anderson played Randal alongside Brian O’Halloran’s Dante in both 1994’s CLERKS and 2006’s sequel, CLERKS II.

As a fan of Smith’s work (especially his View Askew films), I’m quite happy to see him tying up his career with the characters that he began it with. To fellow Smith fans out there, what are your thoughts? Are you excited about the possible return of the CLERKS crew?


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