FAN EXPO: TriForce Brings the Goods

TriForce put on a display this weekend at Fan Expo Canada that would make any gamer drool. Showcasing beautifully-sculpted statues and memorabilia from franchises such as GEARS OF WAR, THE LAST OF US, DARKSIDERS, MASS EFFECT and BATMAN: ARKHAM CITY, TriForce definitely proved that they know what they’re doing when it comes to pleasing each title’s fans. I was pleasantly happy taking in their line of work, though I must admit, I was quite disappointed that their only sold-out statue — Joel and Ellie from THE LAST OF US — was the one that I was hoping to purchase (I think I’m destined to never own it for under $300). Nevertheless, here’s some photos for all of you to take in, too!


tri1 tri2 tri3

tri4 tri5 tri6

tri7 tri8 tri9

tri10 tri11

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