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This is an add-on of the recent review I wrote of The Walking Dead Season 3 on Blu-ray (See HDN 8-26-2013 Standard Blu-ray Review). It covers the limited edition set that’s based on the governor’s infamous aquarium and it was created by McFarlane Toys. The entire unit is accurately painted and crafted with no detail overlooked. The entire collectible has a wood grain in it that makes it worn and like an antique. The heads are wrapped individually to avoid possible damage during shipping and they look awesome and truly grotesque. Each head is unique and has a spring coming out of the back of their heads that latch onto a small lip to simulate them floating. The included pieces of rotted flesh are to make the heads look like they’re deteriorating in the liquid.

What makes the collectible next level are the tanks and what goes in them. They have lids and are able to be filled with water. They’re not too hard to assemble but they are made to be assemble in a certain way. In an interview, Todd McFarlane said you can clean the water or let the water sit in there, let it get stagnant, murky, and dirty: your choice. The tanks themselves are lightly frosted so that even without water, it keeps the faux murky look. Also, there are 5 small LEDs that are powered by 4 AAA batteries to light each head in the tanks similar to the show. To make them light up, on the front there’s a “3” that has to be held to keep the light on. I was a little surprised and disappointed that it isn’t a button that locks in or even a small switch.

On the back side of the unit is the slot made for the discs’ packaging to be stored but I found a little issue with the one I received. When the digipack is in, the space is way too tight and I had a really hard time getting it back out. Behind the tanks are two-silver dollar sized holes to help you get your finger behind the tank in there to push the tanks out. They can also help to push the digipack out but the problems I see are possibly scratching or damaging the packaging. If they are all made this way, I wouldn’t recommend using the option to store the digipack.

It’s well constructed and grotesque in a good way. There is just that little issue with storing the discs but, again, it might just be my aquarium. I didn’t think that’s enough to discourage picking up this amazing collectible for new fans and zombie lovers. I highly recommend picking one up.

Inside the box you get:
– 5 Zombies heads
– 2 Clear tanks with lids to hold the heads
– Digipack containing the 5 Blu-ray Discs
– The actual aquarium.
– 2 Bags of small skin pieces that lay on the bottom of the tanks
– Door to the battery compartment (4 AAA batteries not included)

Purchase The Walking Dead Season 3 Limited Edition @ Amazon

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