Ninja Week 2014….. what a week!! Over 200 prizes given away!

So HDN is 5 years old which meant it was time for our annual ‘Ninja Week’ where we ran copious amounts of giveaways; but this year we upped the ante. Before I go into more details on what went on, the first thing I have to mention is the fantastic staff team that we have at Hi-Def Ninja who helped run ‘Ninja Week’, who kept everything organised and made it run smoothly. Everyone pitched in over the different time zones that we cover from where we live all over the world, which in turn meant we could give ‘Ninja Week’ maximum coverage and maximum attention.

This year, we decided to do something a little different, and rather than having the competitions and giveaways dotted all over the forum, we felt it right to give ‘Ninja Week 2014’ it’s very own sub-forum, which contained everything relating to ‘Ninja Week’ within it giving our members, new and old, the chance to enter everything they could and contribute with ease. Check out the sub-forum HERE

We were bigger and better this year without a shadow of doubt. Not only did we give away over 170 items (including some very rare Steelbooks, Digibooks, etc), we also had prizes donated to us by our fantastic members from the forum and from various retailers. The icing on the cake, however, was that we were able to give away both a brand new Playstation 4 and an XBox One! With over 18000 members on the forums, every member who won a prize were extremely lucky with some members winning more than once. The two big winners of ‘Ninja Week’ were forum member ‘nicblue’ who walked away with the XBox One and forum member ‘jitstark’ won the Playstation 4. These were the two biggest prizes we have ever given away at Hi-Def Ninja.

As well as these two fantastic prizes, we were also very fortunate enough to have been donated prizes from various online retailers. Various members of staff got in contact with these retailers who in turn were extremely kind enough to send us prizes to giveaway for ‘Ninja Week’. These retailers include Arrow Films from the UK, K2DVD from Korea, Movies Blu-ray from The Netherlands and Sideshow Collectibles from the US. In addition to this, we were also given exclusive retailer discount codes for our members to save money off various products. These included our very own Hi-Def Ninja Shop, Zavvi from the UK and Futureshop from Canada. The icing on the cake however was the amazing generosity we received from our fantastic members of H-Def Ninja which led to us having over 200 giveaways running throughout the week, this only helped grow the week and the site as a whole even more and more. These included some very sought after prizes which included things like ‘Sucker Punch SDCC exclusive Steelbook’, Hi-Def Ninja art prints, ‘The Raid exclusive Steelbook’, ‘Captain America Steelbook’, ‘Christine Twilight Time Blu-ray’, and so much more. Take a look for yourself at all of the concluded giveaways HERE.

‘Ninja Week’ is over for another year, but you can still keep track of what happened by keeping an eye on the forums. Members have already started to receive their prizes, check out their fantastic pictures in the “I received my Ninja Week prize!!” thread over on the forums, and you can also continue to help support Hi-Def Ninja with an official ‘Ninja Week’ T-Shirt! More details can be found by clicking the following link HERE

Hi-Def Ninja is THE #1 biggest Steelbook Blu-ray resource and news site on the internet, we published the event over both our Facebook and Twitter accounts and noticed a significant increase in traffic across all platforms, so if you’re new to us, we extend a very big welcome and we hope you continue to enjoy what we have to offer here. Roll on ‘Ninja Week 2015’! How can we top giving away a PS4 and an XBox One?? I’m sure we’ll find a way….. stay tuned!!!


So from myself and the rest of the staff at Hi-Def Ninja, we say a HUGE thank you to each and every one of you for being a part of the community and for making ‘Ninja Week 2014’ a success!

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SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGER | Matt is a huge movie fan with a big passion for all the 80s cheesy Action movies. Anything Arnold Schwarzenegger related is an instant hit too! Also a UK Blu-ray reviewer for Hi-Def Ninja and UK Editorial Manager.