This Week in Comics for 3/5/14

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This Week in Comics!
The list icludes the regular releases, different variant covers, Graphic Novels, Trade Paper Backs, Hardcovers, and Softcovers. Let us know if there is a title we missed, enjoy!

This is a release guide and availability may vary by retailer so check with your local shop for more accurate pricing.

GN – Graphic Novel
HC – Hard Cover
SC – Soft Cover
TPB – Trade Paper

Andrews McMeel
For Better Or For Worse It’s One Thing After Another TPB

Ape Entertainment
Black Coat The Blackest Dye GN


Archie Comic Publications, Inc image of "Archie" characters
Afterlife With Archie #4
-Francesco Francavilla Regular Cover
-Tim Seeley Variant Cover
Archie Double Digest #249
Mega Man #34
-Ben Bates Mega Man X Variant Cover
-Patrick Spaziante Regular Cover
Sonic Super Sized Super Digest #6
Sonic The Hedgehog Mega Man Worlds Collide Volume 2 Into The Warzone TPB
World Of Archie Double Digest #37

Avatar Press
Extinction Parade #5
-Raulo Caceres Leather Cover
God Is Dead #8
-German Nobile Carnage Wraparound Cover
-Jacen Burrows End Of Days Cover
-Jacen Burrows Gilded Incentive Cover
-Jacen Burrows Iconic Cover
-Jacen Burrows Regular Cover
Rover Red Charlie #4 (Of 6)
-Michael Dipascale Dog Days Incentive Cover
-Michael Dipascale Regular Cover
-Michael Dipascale Wraparound Cover

Black Library
Warhammer 40K Blood Of Asaheim SC
Warhammer 40K False Gods TPB


boom logo
Adventure Time Candy Capers #1 (Of 6)
-Bryan Turner SDCC Variant Cover), $9.99
Adventure Time The Flip Side #3 (Of 6)
-Cover A Wook Jin Clark
-Cover B Nicole Miles
-Cover C Heather Danforth
-Cover D Sloane Leong
Adventure Time Volume 3 Seeing Red GN
Adventure Time With Fionna And Cake #6 (Of 6)
-Kassandra Heller SDCC Variant Cover
Day Men #3 (Cover A Brian Stelfreeze
Evil Empire #1
-Cover A Jay Shaw
-Cover B Robbi Rodriguez
-Cover C Jay Shaw
-Jay Shaw CBLDF Comics Code Variant Cover
-Scott Newman Phantom Variant Cover
Garfield #23
-Cover A Andy Hirsch
Rubicon TPB
Suicide Risk #11
-Cover A Tommy Lee Edwards

Capstone Press
Batman Science The Real World Science Behind Batman’s Gear SC

Comic Shop News
Comic Shop News #1394


dark horse comics logo
Avatar The Last Airbender Volume 7 The Rift Part 1 TPB
Bad Blood #3 (Of 5)
Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 9 Volume 5 The Core TPB
Captain Midnight Archives Volume 2 Captain Midnight Saves The World HC
Catalyst Comix #9 (Of 9)
Dream Thief Volume 1 TPB
EVE Source HC
Grindhouse Doors Open At Midnight #6 (Of 8)
Juice Squeezers #3 (Of 4)
Lobster Johnston Get The Lobster #2 (Of 5)
Michael Avon Oeming’s The Victories #10
Terminator Salvation The Final Battle #4 (Of 12)
Veil #1 (Of 5)

Dark Horse Collectibles
Grimm Nick Burkhardt Bust – $79.99


dc comics logo
Action Comics #29
-Aaron Kuder Regular Cover
-Robot Chicken Variant Cover
Animal Man Volume 4 Splinter Species TPB
Batman Superman Annual #1
-Ed Benes Variant Cover
-Jae Lee Regular Cover
Batwing #29
Detective Comics #29
-Guillem March Combo Pack Cover
-Guillem March Regular Cover
-Robot Chicken Variant Cover
Earth 2 #21
-Ken Lashley Regular Cover
-Robot Chicken Variant Cover
Fairest #24
Forever Evil #6 (Of 7)
-David Finch Combo Pack Cover
-David Finch Regular Cover
-Ethan Van Sciver Variant Cover A
-Ethan Van Sciver Variant Cover B
-Ivan Reis & Joe Prado Variant Cover
-Jason Fabok Black & White Variant Cover
-Jason Fabok Regular Cover
Green Arrow #29
Green Lantern #29
-Billy Tan Combo Pack Cover
-Billy Tan Regular Cover
-Robot Chicken Variant Cover
Harley Quinn Welcome To Metropolis TPB
Hawkworld TPB – New Edition
Hellblazer Shoot TPB
Hinterkind #6
MAD Magazine #526
Movement #10
Scooby-Doo Team-Up #3
Stormwatch #29
Swamp Thing #29
Trillium #7 (Of 8)
Trinity Of Sin The Phantom Stranger #17
Trinity Of Sin The Phantom Stranger Volume 2 Breach Of Faith TPB
Vampire Diaries #3

DC Collectibles
Batman Black And White Batman Statue Designed By Gary Frank – $79.95
Wonder Woman The Art Of War Statue By Jim Lee – $79.95

Devils Due Entertainment
Mercy Sparx Volume 1 TPB

Drawn and Quarterly
White Cube HC


Black Bat #9
-Ardian Syaf Black & White Variant Cover
Dejah Thoris And The Green Men Of Mars #11 (Of 12)
-Carlos Rafael Red Risque Variant Cover
-Jay Anacleto Risque Variant Cover
Doc Savage #3
-Alex Ross Variant Cover
-Alex Ross Virgin Variant Cover
Lady Rawhide #4 (Of 5)
-Joseph Michael Linser Regular Cover
-Joseph Michael Linser Subscription Variant Cover
Lords Of Mars Volume 1 TPB
Mark Waid’s The Green Hornet #10
-Jonathan Lau Subscription Variant Cover
-Paola Rivera Regular Cover
Miss Fury #9
-Ardian Syaf Black & White Variant Cover
-Billy Tan Black & White Variant Cover
-Carlos Rafael Risque Variant Cover
-Cover A Billy Tan
-Cover B Ardian Syaf
-Cover C Colton Worley
-Cover D Dennis Calero
Noir #5 (Of 5)
-Ardian Syaf Regular Cover
Red Sonja #7
-Jenny Frison Virgin Variant Cover
Shadow Green Hornet Volume 1 Dark Nights TPB
Shadow Now #5 (Of 6)
-Colton Worley Subscription Variant Cover
-Tim Bradstreet Regular Cover
Turok Dinosaur Hunter #2
-Bart Sears Regular Cover
-Jae Lee Subscription Variant Cover
-Ken Haeser Variant Cover
-Roberto Castro Variant Cover
-Steampunk Reorder Black & White Variant Cover
-Steampunk Reorder Variant Cover
-Stephen Mooney Variant Cover
Twilight Zone #3
-Francesco Francavilla Regular Cover
-Francesco Francavilla Virgin Variant Cover
Warlord Of Mars #34
Carlos Rafael Risque Variant Cover
Warlord Of Mars #34
-Joe Jusko Regular Cover
-Lucio Parrillo Regular Cover
Warlord Of Mars Dejah Thoris #36
-Mel Rubi Black & White Risque Variant Cover

Eaglemoss Publications
DC Batman Automobilia Figurine Collection Magazine #25
-Legends Of The Dark Knight #15
DC Batman Automobilia Figurine Collection Magazine #26
-Detective Comics #219
Marvel Fact Files #10
-Doctor Doom Cover), $6.00
Marvel Fact Files #9
-Black Widow Cover

Fantagraphic Books
Blighted Eye HC
Henry Speaks For Himself TPB
Nijigahara Holograph HC
Stranger Than Life Cartoons And Comics 1970-2013 GN
Young Romance The Best Of Simon And Kirby Comics Volume 2 HC

Dumbest Idea Ever GN

Heavy Metal Magazine
Heavy Metal #267

Hermes Press
Walt Kelly’s Pogo The Complete Dell Comics Volume 1 HC


idw comics logo
G.I. JOE The Cobra Files Volume 2 TPB
Gate-Way #3 (Of 4)
-Cover A Juanfrancisco Moyano
Michael Recycle Meets Bootleg Peg HC
Powerpuff Girls Classics Volume 3 TPB
Rogue Trooper #1
-Cover A Glenn Fabry
-Cover RI Colin Wilson
-Cover SUB James Stokoe
Sinister Dexter #4 (Of 7)
-Cover A Antonio Fuso
-Cover SUB David Millgate
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Villains Micro-Series Volume 2 TPB
Wild Blue Yonder #4 (Of 5)
-Cover A Zach Howard
-Cover RI Paulius Zakarauskas


image comics logo
Apocalypse Al #2 (Of 4)
-Cover A Sid Kotian & Bill Farmer
-Cover B Francesco Francavilla
Bedlam Volume 2 TPB
Black Science #3
-2nd Printing Variant Cover
Burn The Orphanage Born To Lose #3 (Of 3)
-Cover A Sina Grace
-Cover B Tomm Coker
Clone #15
Darkness Vicious Traditions #1
-One Shot
Dead Body Road #2 (Of 6)
-2nd Printing Variant Cover
Drumhellar #5
Fatale Deluxe Edition Volume 1 HC
Invincible Universe #11
Jupiter’s Legacy #4
-Cover A Frank Quitely
-Cover B Bryan Hitch
-Cover C Ian McQue
Manifest Destiny #1
-4th Printing Variant Cover
Progeny Value Pack
Revival #18
Satellite Sam Volume 1 TPB
Saviors #3
Secret #6
Starlight #1
-Cover A John Cassaday
-Cover B Goran Parlov
Tales Of Honor #1
-Cover A Jung-Geun Yoon
-Cover B Stjepan Sejic
-Cover C Rahsan Ekedal
-Cover D Patrick Tatapolous
Velvet #4
Walking Dead Volume 20 All Out War Part 1 TPB

Star Wars Empire And Rebellion Honor Among Thieves HC


marvel comic logo
Avengers A.I. #10
-David Marquez Regular Cover
-Kevin Tong Variant Cover
Avengers Falcon TPB
Captain America #18
-Captain America Variant Cover
-Glenn Fabry Variant Cover
-Nic Klein Regular Cover
Captain America The Death Of Captain America Prose Novel HC
Iron Man #22
Loki Agent Of Asgard #2
-Jaime McKelvie Variant Cover
-Jenny Frison Regular Cover
Magneto #1
-John Cassaday Variant Cover
-Mike Del Mundo Animal Variant Cover
-Paolo Rivera Regular Cover
-Skottie Young Variant Cover
Moon Knight #1
-Adi Granov Variant Cover
-Bill Sienkienwicz Variant Cover
-Gerald Parel Regular Cover
-Katie Cook Animal Variant Cover
-Skottie Young Variant Cover
Muppets Omnibus HC
-Phil Noto Direct Market Cover
-Roger Langridge Book Market Cover
New Warriors #2
-Jorge Molina Variant Cover
-Ramon Perez Regular Cover
Night Of The Living Deadpool #4 (Of 4)
Nova #14
-Jorge Molina Artist Variant Cover
-Paco Medina Regular Cover
Nova Volume 2 Rookie Season TPB
Oz The Emerald City Of Oz HC
Punisher #3
-Alex Maleev Variant Cover
-Mitchell Thomas Gerads Regular Cover
She-Hulk #2
-Amanda Conner Regular Cover
-Kevin Wada Regular Cover
Uncanny X-Force By Rick Remender Omnibus HC
Uncanny X-Men #18
Uncanny X-Men Volume 1 Revolution TPB
Wolverine And The X-Men #1
-Jenny Parks Animal Variant Cover
-Mahmud Asrar Regular Cover
-Mark Brooks Variant Cover
X-Men Days Of Future Past HC

Marvel Press
Captain America An Origin Story HC


Auteur #1
-James Callahan Regular Cover
-Eric Powell Subscription Variant Cover

Perfect Square
Pokemon Adventures Black And White Volume 3 GN
Pokemon Adventures Volume 21 GN
Pokemon Black And White Volume 14 GN

Sanctum Productions
Doc Savage Double Novel Volume 73 SC
Shadow Double Novel Volume 82 SC

Jon Hul Gallery SC


titan comics logo
Death Sentence #3 (Of 6)
-Michael Dowling 2nd Printing Variant Cover
Simon And Kirby Library Horror HC

Tool Publications
Westward #6


Valiant comics logo
Archer And Armstrong #18 – Mission Improbable Part 1
-Jorge Molina Pullbox Variant Cover
-Lewis Larosa Regular Cover
-Michael Walsh Variant Cover
Quantum And Woody The Goat #0
-Chip Zdarsky Variant Cover
-Matthew Waite Pullbox Variant Cover
-Tom Fowler Regular Cover
Quantum And Woody Volume 2 In Security TPB

From The New World Volume 3 GN


viz media logo
07-Ghost Volume 9 GN
Black Bird Volume 18 GN
Blue Exorcist Volume 11 GN
D.Gray Man 3-In-1 Edition Volume 3 TPB
Dragon Ball 3-In-1 Edition Volume 4 TPB
Fushigi Yugi Genbu Kaiden Volume 12 GN
Midnight Secretary Volume 4 GN
Nisekoi False Love Volume 2 GN
One Piece Volume 70 GN
Oresama Teacher Volume 16 GN
Phantom Thief Jeanne Volume 1 GN
Psyren Volume 15 GN
Rin-Ne Volume 14 GN
Skip Beat 3-In-1 Edition Volume 7 TPB
Strobe Edge Volume 9 GN
Tegami Bachi Volume 16 GN


Soulless Manga Volume 2 GN
-New Printing
Thermae Romae Volume 3 HC


zenoscope comics logo
Grimm Fairy Tales Presents Code Red #4 (Of 5)
-Cover A Harvey Tolibao
-Cover B Ale Garza
-Cover C Andrea Errico
Grimm Fairy Tales #95
-Cover A Paulo Siqueira
-Cover B Marat Mychaels
-Cover C Steven Cummings
Grimm Fairy Tales Presents Oz HC
Grimm Fairy Tales Tales From Oz #3 (Of 5) – The Scarecrow
-Cover A Renato Rei
-Cover B Marat Mychaels
-Cover C Pasquale Qualano
Hit List #5 (Of 5)
-Cover A Vincenzo Cucca
-Cover B Drew Edward Johnson
-Cover C Harvey Tollibao

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