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Curb Your Enthusiasm, The Inbetweeners and The Hangover combine as Frank (Danish comedy sensation Frank Hvam) decides to prove himself suitable father material by kidnapping his pregnant girlfriend’s young nephew for a truly outrageous weekend that combines sexual promiscuity, nudity, drug-taking and tiny bottles of Underberg.

Based on the Danish TV show, Klown is certainly one of the better comedies I’ve seen in the last few years. Crude but yet also touching as Frank tries to win over his girlfriend by bonding with Bo to prove that he can be a father but with unsuccessful results, Klown manages to tickle the funny bone on quite a few occasions with great success. Featuring some downright awkward humor and situations and crude comedy, Klown’s emotional core of the film does shine through with success making the film a genuine pleasure to watch. Frank and Casper do make a superb comedy duo on screen that will make you want more. needless to say, I will be hunting down the TV series now to watch.



Klown is presented on DVD with a 576i transfer framed at 1.85:1 which preserves the films original aspect ratio. Shot digitally, the film has a natural and real world look which does give it a lot of realism complete with some documentary style camera work with natural lighting that adds to it. Due to it’s realistic look, colours are not overly vibrant or excessive but are bright and stable throughout. The film does tend to come off as a bit bright in some scenes due to the natural lighting used. darker scenes doe exhibit some digital noise due to the digital photography but overall though, Klown does look very good on DVD



Klown is supplied with a single Danish Dolby Digital 5.1 audio mix on DVD. Not expecting too much from it originally due to it content and style, the 5.1 mix was surprisingly impressive throughout the film. The rather playful opening title music and score throughout the movie are nicely mixed into the rears giving the film and playful ambience with a bit of LFE usage thrown in for good measure. Some superb discrete surround activity during the party scenes and crowd scenes as well adds to it. Dialogue was clear throughout as well. Removable Subtitles for the dialogue were displayed correctly and quite prominently throughout making it easy to read.



Apart from a few Start up trailers for The Taste of Money, Exit and A Hijacking, sadly the disc is barebones



Klown was a pleasant surprise to watch. Despite the vulgarity and rudeness that it’s popular for, the core of the story about a man proving he can be a father is a touching one. Featuring some downright hilarious and awkward situations with jaw dropping results it never failed to make me laugh. Arrow’s DVD presents the film nicely (especially with the 5.1 audio mix). It’s just a shame that the disc is lacking some bonus material.


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