Displate – Art on metal

A name doing the rounds over at Hi-Def Ninja at the moment is ‘Displate’

If you’re an art lover, not just for things movie related, but anything art related then I highly suggest you check out the fantastic work over at Displate.com, you’re going to want to spend a lot of your money!!

What is Displate I hear you ask? Well, let me tell you.



Each Displate is a gallery quality print on thick 17,7″ / 12,6″ metal plate. Each Displate print is verified by the Production Master before being sent to you, the customer. Signature, unique series number and hologram added to the back of each plate for added authenticity & collectors value and a magnetic mounting system included.





These look simply fantastic and make a refreshing change to the norm of posters and offers something a little different to that the mondo-like art prints. The finish on them is more of a matte finish with a slightly rough/sandy texture. The only downside that I did find with them, is that they are quite fragile and can bend fairly easily, particularly nearer the top and bottom of the Displates.




The colours on this are so rich and vivid, they look absolutely fantastic! On display they will certainly make heads turn!



If you fancy yourself as a budding artist, or have always wanted to see a print come to life that has never made it to fruition, well now YOU can create your own Displate art prints to sell via Displate.com. This is fantastic for the graphic designers out there who want to get their work realised, some of our own Hi-Def Ninja members have created their own portfolios on Displate.

Don’t forget, right now you can enter for the chance to win a fantastic ‘Drive’ inspired Displate by clicking the following link – CLICK ME. The Displate was kindly donated by Displate themselves, thanks guys!

It goes with out saying that Displate’s are certainly making a fantastic name for themselves and I will certainly be buying more!

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