Marvel unveils Alex Ross variant for STAR WARS #1

After Disney purchased both Marvel and the STAR WARS franchise, fans knew that it was only a matter of time before Marvel returned to publishing the comic adaptation for “the greatest space-fantasy film of all!” Back in 1977, after the release of STAR WARS, Marvel Comics published a comic book based on the film that spanned nearly a decade and lasted over 100 issues. However, in 1991, the comic rights for STAR WARS moved over to Dark Horse Comics and remained there until just recently.

In January 2015, STAR WARS returns to Marvel — nearly three years after Disney purchased both brands. The new comic book will be written by Jason Aaron (THOR, WOLVERINE) with art by fan-favorite artist, John Cassaday (ASTONISHING X-MEN, PLANETARY). In celebration of the new series, Marvel hired world-renowned painter Alex Ross to put together a variant cover for the first issue — a homage to the original first issue cover from the 1977 comic book that was drawn by Howard Chaykin.

Below are both covers for comparisson purposes; the left being the new one by Ross (courtesy Entertainment Weekly), the right being the original by Chaykin.

StarWarsROSS        StarWarsChaykin

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