This Week in Comics ~ 1-23-15


This Week in Comics!
The list includes the regular releases, different variant covers, Graphic Novels, Trade Paper Backs, Hardcovers, and Softcovers. Let us know if there is a title we missed, enjoy!

This is a release guide and availability may vary by retailer so check with your local shop for more accurate pricing.

GN – Graphic Novel
HC – Hard Cover
SC – Soft Cover
TPB – Trade Paper


I.C.E. Critical Mass #3 (Of 4)
-Cover A Jason Pearson
-Cover B Jason Pearson

Steampunk Goldilocks #1 – One Shot

Sonic The Hedgehog #268
-Evan Stanley Regular Cover
-Jonathan H. Gray Breezie Variant Cover

Crossed Badlands #70
-Christian Zanier Torture Cover
-Fernando Heinz Red Crossed Incentive Cover
-Fernando Heinz Regular Cover
-Fernando Heinz Wraparound Cover
-Michael DiPascale Fatal Fantasy Cover
Crossed Plus 100 #2
-Gabriel Andrade American History X Wraparound Cover
-Gabriel Andrade Crossed Culture Cover
-Gabriel Andrade Design Sketch Incentive Cover
-Gabriel Andrade Future Tense Cover
-Gabriel Andrade New World Order Wraparound Bagged Cover
-Gabriel Andrade Red Crossed Incentive Cover
-Gabriel Andrade Regular Cover
Dark Gods #3
-Christian Zanier Nightmare Incentive Cover
-Christian Zanier Regular Cover
-Christian Zanier Siren Cover
-German Erramouspe Wraparound Cover
-Michael DiPascale Deity Cover
God Is Dead #27
-Facundo Percio Enchanting Cover
-Facundo Percio End Of Days Cover
-German Nobile Carnage Wraparound Cover
-Jacen Burrows Gilded Incentive Cover
-Jacen Burrows Iconic Cover
-Jacen Burrows Regular Cover
Uber #21
-Caanan White Blitzkrieg Incentive Cover
-Caanan White Regular Cover
-Caanan White War Crimes Cover
-Caanan White Wraparound Cover
-Michael DiPascale Propaganda Poster Cover

Bleeding Cool Magazine #14

Warhammer 40K Ahriman Sorcerer SC

Future Proof #3

Simpsons Comics #217
Simpsons Comics Clubhouse GN

Adventure Time Candy Capers Mathematical Edition HC
Adventure Time Enchiridion Edition Volume 3 HC
Amazing World Of Gumball #7
-Cover A Missy Pena
-Cover B Evan Palmer
-Cover C Jemma Salume
Burning Fields #1 (Of 8)
-Cover A Colin Lorimer
-Cover B Trevor Hairsine
-Cover C Riley Rossmo
Clive Barker’s Hellraiser Bestiary #6 (Of 6)
-Cover A Conor Nolan
-Cover B Matt Battaglia
Dead Letters #7
-Cover A Chris Visions
Deep State #1
-Eric Scott Pfeiffer 3rd Printing Variant Cover
-Matt Taylor 2nd Printing Variant Cover
Lumberjanes #10
-Cover A Carolyn Nowak
-Cover B Kat Leyh
Rocket Salvage #2 (Of 6)
-Cover A Bachan
Sons Of Anarchy #17
-Cover A Toni Infante
Sons Of Anarchy Volume 2 TPB
Woods #1
-Tyler Jenkins C2E2 Variant Cover

Color Ink Book The DIY Art Periodical Volume 22

Lady Death #26
-Renato Camilo Sultry Cover
-Michael Dipascale Art Deco Incentive Cover

Batman You Choose Stories Seed Bank Heist SC
Batman You Choose Stories Summer Freeze SC
Batman You Choose Stories The Joker’s Dozen SC
Batman You Choose Stories The Riddler’s Ransom SC
DC Super Heroes Batman An Origin Story SC
DC Super Heroes Green Lantern An Origin Story SC
DC Super Heroes Superman An Origin Story SC
DC Super Heroes Wonder Woman An Origin Story SC

Comic Shop News #1440

Holy F*ck #1
-Daniel Arruda Massa Jesus Cover
-Daniel Arruda Massa Regular Cover
-Daniel Arruda Massa Satan Cover
Zombie Tramp #6
-Dan Mendoza Artist Variant Cover
-TMChu Regular Cover
-TMChu Risque Variant Cover

Abe Sapien Volume 5 Sacred Places TPB
B.P.R.D. Hell On Earth #127
B.P.R.D. Plague Of Frogs Volume 2 TPB
Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 10 #11
-Cover A Steve Morris
-Cover B Rebekah Isaacs
-Cover C Georges Jeanty & Tariq Hassan
Dark Horse Presents #6
Dream Thief Volume 2 Escape TPB
Elfquest #1
-1 for 1 Edition
Ghost Volume 3 Against The Wilderness TPB
Groo Friends And Foes #1
King Conan Volume 4 The Conqueror TPB
Legend Of Korra The Art Of The Animated Series Volume 3 Change HC
Michael Avon Oeming’s The Victories Volume 4 Metahuman TPB
Robert E. Howard’s Savage Sword Volume 2 TPB
Strain The Night Eternal #5

Aquaman And The Others Volume 1 Legacy Of Gold TPB
Batman And Robin #38
-Dave Bullock The Flash 75 Variant Cover
-Patrick Gleason & Mick Gray Regular Cover
Batman Eternal #42
Batman Superman #18
-Ardian Syaf & Danny Miki Combo Pack Cover
-Ardian Syaf & Danny Miki Regular Cover
-Jim Lee & Scott Williams The Flash 75 Variant Cover
-Juanjo Variant Cover
Batwoman #38
Beware The Batman Volume 1 TPB
Birds Of Prey Volume 5 Soul Crisis TPB
DC Entertainment Graphic Novel Essentials And Chronology 2015
Earth 2 World’s End #16
Ex Machina Volume 4 TPB
Fables #148
Green Lantern New Guardians #38
Infinite Crisis The Fight For The Multiverse #7
JLA Volume 6 TPB
Justice League #38
-Francis Manapul Variant Cover
-Jim Lee & Scott Williams Combo Pack Cover
-Jim Lee & Scott Williams Regular Cover
-Tony Harris The Flash 75 Variant Cover
Justice League Goes Inside The NBA All-Star 2015 #1
Kitchen #3 (Of 8)
New 52 Futures End #38
North 40 TPB
-New Edition
Red Hood And The Outlaws #38
Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman #6
Supergirl #38
-Emanuela Lupacchino Regular Cover
-Michael Oeming The Flash 75 Variant Cover
Teen Titans #6
-Kalman Andrasofszky Regular Cover
-Michael Allred The Flash 75 Variant Cover
Trinity Of Sin #4
Wonder Woman #38
-David Finch & Richard Friend Black & White Variant Cover
-David Finch & Richard Friend Regular Cover
-David Finch & Richard Friend Variant Cover
-Terry Dodson & Rachel Dodson The Flash 75 Variant Cover

Disney Infinity Character Encyclopedia HC

First Year Healthy HC

Doc Savage Archives Volume 1 The Curtis Magazine Era HC
In Search Of Lost Dragons HC
Red Sonja #14
-Cover A Jenny Frison
-Cover B Yasmin Liang
-Jenny Frison Black & White Variant Cover
-Stephanie Buscema Subscription Variant Cover
-Yasmin Liang Black & White Variant Cover
Red Sonja The Black Tower #4 (Of 4)
-Amanda Conner Black & White Variant Cover
-Cover A Amanda Conner
Red Sonja Vulture’s Circle #1
-Jay Anacleto Virgin Variant Cover
Shadow Master Series Volume 3 TPB
Shadow Now TPB
Shadow Special 2014
-Cover A Phil Hester
Twilight Zone Shadow And Substance #1
-Cover A Guiu Vilanova
-Cover B Francesco Francavilla
-Cover C Jay Shaw
-Cover D Jonathan Lau
-Francesco Francavilla Virgin Variant Cover
-Jay Shaw Black & White Variant Cover
-Jonathan Lau Black & White Variant Cover
Vampirella Feary Tales #4 (Of 5)
-Arthur Adams Black & White Variant Cover
-Cover A Jay Anacleto
-Cover B Arthur Adams
-Cover C David Roach
-Jay Anacleto Black & White Variant Cover

DC Batman Automobilia Figurine Collection Magazine #48
-Detective #597
DC Batman Automobilia Figurine Collection Magazine #49
-Classic TV Batcopter
DC Superhero Chess Figurine Collection Magazine #73
-Vibe White Pawn
DC Superhero Chess Figurine Collection Magazine #74
-Arcane Black Pawn
Marvel Chess Figurine Collection Magazine #21
-Wasp White Pawn
Marvel Chess Figurine Collection Magazine #22
-Viper Black Queen
Marvel Chess Figurine Collection Magazine #23
-Vision White Rook
Marvel Fact Files #53
-Ikaris Cover
Marvel Fact Files #54 (Mr Sinister Cover
-Mystique Cover
Marvel Fact Files #56
-X-Statix Cover
Marvel Fact Files #57
-Hope Summers Cover
Marvel Fact Files #58
-Arishem The Judge Cover
Marvel Fact Files #59
-Adam Warlock Cover
Star Trek The Official Starships Figurine Collection Magazine #31
-The Valdore
Star Trek The Official Starships Figurine Collection Magazine #32
-Danube Class Runabout
Star Trek The Official Starships Figurine Collection Magazine #33
-Cardassian Hideki Class
Star Trek The Official Starships Figurine Collection Magazine #34
-Vulcan Surak Class

Run Like Crazy Run Like Hell HC

FUNKO POP! Upcoming Releases
Guardians of the Galaxy Series 2 – The Collector POP Vinyl Figure
Guardians of the Galaxy Series 2 – Nebula POP Vinyl Figure
Guardians of the Galaxy Series 2 – Ronan POP Vinyl Figure
Guardians of the Galaxy Series 2 – 6″ Thanos POP Vinyl Figure
Guardians of the Galaxy Series 2 – Yondu POP Vinyl Figure

Last American Vampire HC

Phantom The Complete Dailies Volume 7 1946-1947 HC

Batman The Silver Age Newspaper Comics Volume 2 1968-1969 HC
Bigger Bang #3 (Of 4)
-Cover A Vassilis Gogtzilas
Black Dynamite TPB
Borderlands #6
-Cover A Agustin Padilla
-Cover SUB Anthony Marques
Borderlands Volume 2 The Fall Of Fyrestone TPB
Cartoon Network Super Secret Crisis War Volume 1 TPB
Creeple Peeple #1 (Of 3)
-Cover A Tim Lattie
Dungeons And Dragons Legends Of Baldur’s Gate #4
-Cover A Sarah Stone
-Cover RI David Baldeon
-Cover SUB Max Dunbar
Dungeons And Dragons The Legend Of Drizzt Volume 1 Homeland TPB
G.I. JOE Snake Eyes Agent Of Cobra #1 (Of 5)
-Cover A Paolo Villanelli
-Cover SUB Drew Johnson
Galaxy Quest The Journey Continues #1 (Of 4)
-Cover A Nacho Arranz
-Cover SUB Roger Robinson
Genius Collected The Alex Toth Slipcase Set HC
Imaginary Drugs TPB
Indestructible #10
-Cover A Jose Lopez
Judas The Last Days TPB
Judge Dredd Classics The Dark Judges #1 (Of 5)
-Cover A Darick Robertson
-Cover SUB Sam Shearon
Millennium #1
-Cover A Menton J. Matthews III
-Cover RI Paul Shipper
-Cover SUB Photo
October Faction #4
-Cover A Damien Worm
-Cover SUB Damien Worm
Popeye Classics #30
-Cover A Bud Sagendorf
-Cover RI Steve Mannion
Popeye Classics Volume 5 HC
Samurai Jack #16
-Cover A Andy Suriano
-Cover SUB Ethen Beavers
Star Trek Planet Of The Apes #2 (Of 5)
-Cover A Rachael Stott
-Cover RI Photo
-Cover SUB Joe Corroney
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #42
-Cover A Cory Smith
-Cover B Kevin Eastman
-Cover RI Brian Churilla
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Color Classics Volume 3 #1
-Cover A A.C. Farley
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles New Animated Adventures #19
-Cover A Dario Brizuela
-Cover SUB Jake Tabula
Transformers #37
-Cover A Andrew Griffith
-Cover RI Kotteri
-Cover SUB Casey W. Coller
Transformers Punishment #1 – One Shot
-Cover A Livio Ramondelli
Wild Blue Yonder #6 (Of 6)
-Cover A Zach Howard
-Cover RI Jennifer L. Meyer
Will Eisner’s Spirit Volume 2 Artist’s Edition HC
Winterworld #6
-Cover A Butch Guice
-Cover SUB Tomas Giorello
Zombies Vs Robots #1
-Cover A Ashley Wood
-Cover RI Gabriel Rodriguez
-(Cover SUB Blank Sketch
Zombies Vs Robots – Hundred Penny Press Edition
-Cover A Ashley Wood

Activity Volume 3 TPB
Autumnlands Tooth And Claw #3
-Cover A Benjamin Dewey
-Cover B Skottie Young
Drifter #3
-Cover A Nic Klein
-Cover B Marko Djurdjevic
Goners #4
Hack Slash Son Of Samhain Volume 1 TPB
Intersect #3
-Cover A Ray Fawkes
-Cover B Tula Lotay
Invincible #116
Penny Dora And The Wishing Box #3 (Of 5)
Reyn #1
Rise Of The Magi #5
-Cover A Marc Silvestri
-Cover B Stjepan Sejic
Rumble #2
Spread #5
Wicked + The Divine #7
-Cover A Cover A Matthew Wilson & Jamie McKelvie
-Cover B Christian Ward

Knights Of The Dinner Table #216

Missions Of Love Volume 10 GN
My Little Monster Volume 6 GN
Noragami Stray God Volume 3 GN

Epochalypse #3

Rags And Bones New Twists On Timeless Tales SC

Fatherland A Family History GN

All-New X-Factor #20 – Final Issue
-Alex Garner Final Issue Variant Cover
-Kris Anka & Jared K. Fletcher Regular Cover
All-New X-Men #35
-Salvador Larroca Welcome Home Variant Cover
-Sara Pichelli Regular Cover
Amazing Spider-Man #13
-Gabriele Dell’Otto Variant Cover
-Jeff Wamester Marvel Animation Spider-Verse Variant Cover
-Olivier Coipel Regular Cover
-Salvador Larroca Welcome Home Variant Cover
Avengers Revelations TPB
Black Widow #14
Black Widow Volume 2 The Tightly Tangled Web TPB
Bucky Barnes The Winter Soldier #4
Captain America And The Mighty Avengers #4
Deadpool’s Art Of War #4 (Of 4)
Elektra #10
Fantastic Four #642
-Jimmy Cheung Character Spotlight Variant Cover
-Leonard Kirk Regular Cover
-Michael Golden Connecting Cover Variant Cover
Guardians Of The Galaxy #23
-Christian Ward Regular Cover
-Salvador Larroca Welcome Home Variant Cover
Iron Man Epic Collection Volume 13 Stark Wars TPB
Legendary Star-Lord #8
Legendary Star-Lord Volume 1 Face It I Rule TPB
Loki Agent Of Asgard #10
Magneto #14
Magneto Volume 2 Reversals TPB
Marvel Masterworks The Uncanny X-Men Volume 9 HC
Marvel Masterworks The Uncanny X-Men Volume 9 HC
-Direct Market Variant Edition Volume 214
Moon Knight #11
Original Sin Companion HC
Powers #1
-David Mack Variant Cover
-David Marquez Variant Cover
-Michael Avon Oeming Regular Cover
-Photo Variant Cover
Rocket Raccoon #7
-Simone Bianchi Variant Cover
-Skottie Young Regular Cover
-Welcome Home Variant Cover
Scarlet Spiders #3 (Of 3)
Spider-Verse Team-Up #3 (Of 3)
Spider-Woman #3
-Greg Land Regular Cover
-W. Scott Forbes Variant Cover
Superior Iron Man #4
-Mike Choi Regular Cover
-Salvador Larroca Welcome Home Variant Cover
Ultimate Spider-Man Ultimate Collection Volume 5 TPB
Wolverines #3
-Andy Clarke Regular Cover
-Gerarld Parel Variant Cover
X-Force Volume 2 Hide Fear TPB

Geronimo Stilton Volume 15 All For Stilton Stilton For All HC

Judge Dredd The Complete Case Files Volume 9 TPB
-Simon & Schuster Edition

Henchmen I Henchbot #1 (Of 6)

Spider Double Novel Volume 5 SC

Arpeggio Of Blue Steel Volume 3 GN
Magical Girl Apocalypse Volume 2 GN
Zero’s Familiar Chevalier Volume 4 GN

Star Wars Insider #155
-Newsstand Edition
-Previews Exclusive Edition
Walking Dead The Official Magazine #11
-Newsstand Edtion
-Previews Exclusive Edition

Art Of Total War HC

13 Coins #4 (Of 6)
Captain Stone #2 (Of 6)
Doctor Who The Eleventh Doctor #7
-Holidays Photo Variant Cover
-Mariano Laclaustra Regular Cover
-Photo Subscription Cover
Doctor Who The Twelfth Doctor #4
-Brian Williamson Regular Cover
-Photo Subscription Cover
-Photo Variant Cover
Mono #2 (Of 6)

March Volume 2 GN

Asian Comics HC

Ivar Timewalker #1 (Of 4)
-Barry Kitson Variant Cover
-Clayton Henry & Tom Muller Variant Cover
-Cover A Raul Allen
-Cover B Jorge Molina
-Cover C Blank
-David Aja Character Design Variant Cover
Valiant #1 (Of 4)
-Paolo Rivera 2nd Printing Variant Cover
Valiant #2 (Of 4)
-Cover A Paolo Rivera
-Cover B Jeff Lemire & Matt Kindt
-Cover C Francesco Francavilla
-Paolo Rivera & Tom Muller Variant Cover

Frazetta Sketchbook II HC
-Regular Edition
-Deluxe Slipcased Edition
Frazetta Sketchbook II SC

Batman The Story Of The Dark Knight HC
-New Printing

Monster The Perfect Edition Volume 3 GN
Resident Evil Volume 2 GN
Terra Formars Volume 4 GN

Akame Ga Kill Volume 1 GN
Black Butler Volume 19 TPB
Goong Volume 17 The Royal Palace GN
No Matter How I Look At It It’s You Guy’s Fault I’m Not Popular Volume 6 GN
Inu X Boku SS Volume 6 TPB
Kingdom Hearts 358 / 2 Days Volume 5 GN
Melancholy Of Suzumiya Haruhi-Chan Volume 9 GN
Milkyway Hitchhiking Volume 2 GN
Secret Volume 1 GN
Sword Art Online Progressive Volume 1 GN
Ubel Blatt Volume 1 GN
Umineko When They Cry Volume 4 Alliance Of The Golden Witch GN
Until Death Do Us Part Volume 8 GN

Charmed Season 10 #4
Grimm Fairy Tales Presents Realm War #6 (Of 12)
-Cover A Matt Trianon
-Cover B Paolo Pantalena
-Cover C Jose Luis
-Cover D Sheldon Goh
Grimm Fairy Tales Presents Wonderland Volume 5 TPB

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