Today we take an inside look at the art book for Cap’s latest escapade from Marvel. The CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER art book, like it’s predecessor’s, comes with a hard slip case that houses the hardcover book inside. The hard slip cases are nice and some of the earlier Marvel films didn’t always come with these, so it can make the ones with the hard case very valuable and sought after on the aftermarket.

This art book, much like all those before, showcases art from the film in regards to story boards, concepts, and vision for the film. It also includes a lot of behind the scenes information from a design perspective and includes some cool info on the making of the Winter Soldier’s arm. Also shown is all the posters that were used in marketing the film in the USA. Check out the high-quality pics after the jump!

Purchase the CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER art book here!

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