This Week in Comics ~ 4-22-15


This Week in Comics….

This week we have new Halo stories, old Marvel stories and more!


Halo Escalation #17
Writer: Duffy Boudreau Art: Douglas Franchin Cover: Sparth

halo escalation 1 cover

Let me just say that I am a Halo junkie and it doesn’t matter what media it’s from, whether it is the game, the books, the comics, or even the collectibles. This comic, Halo Escalation, is a book that I’ve been following here and there, but if you’re not reading it, this is the issue to get into the series. The main reason is because the background of the Spartan-IV will be revealed in these next issues. The expanded universe of Halo is always loaded with good stories.



Beyond Belief #1
Writer: Ben Acker Art: Phil Hester Cover: Phil Hester

beyond belief 1 cover

Beyond Belief is a new comic title that is based on a podcast that the Nerdist publishes. It is a play on the old days of radio and drinking heavily after a hard day of work. I’m interested in this book because of both the nostalgia and there are ghosts.



True Believers: Infinity Gauntlet #1 #6

True Believers: Armor Wars #1 #3

true believers covers

Marvel has started a new line of books called the TRUE BELIEVERS series. It’s Marvel releasing classic comic books to the public for a buck. This month is Infinity Gauntlet 1# and Armor Wars #1, two very cool books from Marvel’s past. With the movies leading into the Infinity War, this is a comic that can be used as either a refresher or to learn something new.








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