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Today I had the great pleasure of being able to get into the Mondo gallery. It was doubly special because not only was today the last day of their Mondo Ghana exhibit, but the people at Mondo, having ESP, knew I was coming to Austin on a business trip and decided to have a flat file sale.

So what is the Mondo Ghana exhibit…

MONDO GHANA showcases original Ghanaian movie posters based on films like Jodorowsky’s Dune, Maniac and The Thing. These truly inspired works of folk art first became popular in the 80s to promote VHS screenings in local communities in Ghana. Artists usually only had a basic outline – or even just the title – of a film, and the result is a wonderfully loose and imaginative interpretation painted on large rice sack canvas. It ran from April 10-25.

Their next exhibit: Tom Whalen’s PULP MENAGERIE runs from May 22 – June 6.


We’re thrilled to announce our next gallery show, PULP MENAGERIE, featuring screen prints by the incredibly talented Tom Whalen. Tom has done posters for us over the past several years, and we can’t wait to showcase his distinctive style at the gallery. The exhibit, which opens up May 22nd, will feature titles including Godzilla, Mad Monster Party & Batman.

For those who are unaware of what a flat file sale is, basically any leftover sold out prints were put up for sale. You can only buy one print before having to head to the back of the line. I heard the first people in line were there Wednesday; my flight landed at 1:45 PM. Needless to say the rarest prints (Horkey LORD OF THE RINGS and Olly Moss THE JUNGLE BOOK) were gone, but yours truly did get to pick up some nice prints. Stay tuned for Part 2 to see some more photos of what was still available at this sale when I stopped by. Until then, enjoy some Mondo Ghana images…

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