SELMA on DVD is being sent to every high school in the US!

Paramount Pictures is sending every high school a copy of the Academy Award-winning SELMA on DVD. The program is called “Selma for Students” and it is a continuation of the initiative that began when the movie was running theatrically. The program allowed more than 300,000 young people to see the movie for free and they decided to keep the program going after it received an overwhelming response. The program is also offering curriculum materials for teachers to be able to follow along with the film.

Teachers can find the materials here.

Sometimes there are movies that hit the theaters that are so theatrically accurate that they are shown in schools. This might show my age, but I remember when I was in junior high in 1989 and Edward Zwick’s GLORY was sent to schools to be shown in history class. It was a big deal because the movie captured the feeling from the time period so well, but it was edited for some content. I think that this is an excellent idea and I hope that this tradition stays alive.

SELMA releases on Blu-ray and DVD on May 5th!

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