THE LAST SHIP: The Complete 1st Season Blu-ray Review

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The USS NATHAN JAMES, commanded by CO CDR Tom Chandler and XO Mike Slattery, has been running a training mission for the past 4 months in the arctic.  On board with them are Dr. Rachael Scott and Quincy, who are members of the Center for Disease Control (CDC).  They are doing some secret tests of their own.  When the ship tries to break radio silence, their home base tells them the mission is extended and to wait for further orders.
Dr. Scott reveals that there is a virus that is spreading fast in Asia and Africa.  It was in “phase 2” when the mission began and it isn’t isolated anymore.  The world is now in “phase 6” which is total global infection.  The US and other governments around the world are in chaos or worse.  The only hope of curing this decease lies with this ship and the CDC members aboard. 

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This is the first season of THE LAST SHIP on TNT.  It is a show that relies on using a naval ship as the setting and how they can stay mobile.  This let’s the writers change who and when they interact with other people.  It is produced by Michael Bay and in the bonus features, the interviews make it seem like he directs the show as well.  From what I gather, he shot the pilot and that’s it.  The show, however, feels like anything that Bay has had his hand in.  There are big action scenes, big explosions, and big thrills.
The cast is in constant rotation from being in the spotlight but the two main stars are Eric Dane and Rhona Mitra.  Dane plays the tough naval commander with the rough exterior but has some things happening at home.  The character is a little one noted and evolves very little with all that is happening with the world.  Aside from being in the armed forces, it is practically the same character he plays in whatever he is cast in.  Rhoda Mitra character is a CDC doctor who thinks that she is untouchable.  She plays the part well and keeps guarded throughout the season.  
Eric Dane as CDR Tom Chandler
Rhona Mitra as Dr. Rachel Scott
Adam Baldwin as CDR Mike Slattery
Charles Parnell as CMC Hugh Jeter
Sam Spruell as Quincy Tophet
Travis Van Winkle as LT Danny Green
Marissa Neitling, as LT Kara Foster
Christina Elmore as LTJG Alisha Granderson

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The 1080p AVC video transfer of THE LAST SHIP is clean.  The show has been filmed digitally and the details really stand out in every single shot.  You can easily make out every crease and stitch in clothing, not to mention some of the gory make-up.  The contrasting is also spot on.  The best example is in the first episode, there are soldiers in snow camouflage against a white background.  Its obvious where the snow ends and the soldiers begin so that no lines become blurry.  Many of the colors are bright but the blue and yellow in the Navy uniforms are bold.  The skin tones are on the warmer side throughout most of the episodes but there are those few that are about where they should be.  

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The powerful Dolby TrueHD 5.1 mix is excellent.  Even though there is a lot of dialogue, the track uses plenty of the rear speakers.  The helicopters and bullets move flawlessly across the sound field, enveloping you in the show.  The explosions are loud with strong bass and the gunfire that pushes the treble.  For the most part, the effects are realistic and separate.

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Bonus Features:
-Inside the Episode:  These are short featurettes about certain episodes in the season.
Phase 6
Welcome to Gitmo
Dead Reckoning
We’ll Get There
El Toro
Two Sailors Walk Into a Bar…
No Place Like Home
-Making of The Last Ship: The 2-minute featurette is similar to “The Last Ship Overview.”
-The Last Ship overview:  This short featurette is like a promo for the show.
-Prequels: Origin of the virus:  These “prequels” shorts give a little info by using Dr. Scott’s webcam as a video documentary.  
I am Dr. Rachel Scott
It May Pre-date Humankind
Can you still hear me?
The Clock is Ticking
Avoid Populated Areas
A Proper Goodbye
-Character Profiles: Eric Dane, Rhona Mitra, and Adam Baldwin give short insight into their characters.
-Audio Commentary:  There are 2 audio commentaries on disc 1.
Phase Six – Executive Producers Hank Steinberg and Steven Kane
Dead Reckoning – Executive Producer Steven Kane
Lockdown – Executive Producer Steven Kane
No Place Like Home – Executive Producers Hank Steinberg and Steven Kane
-The Last Ship Details: This, like some of the other features, goes over what the show is about.  Some of the footage and interview material is redundant.
-The Navy and The USS HALSEY: A few of the actors speak about working on the actual Navy ship, the USS HALSEY.
-2014 Comic Con Panel: This is the SDCC 2014 panel with the cast and crew.
-Episode List:
Phase 6
Welcome to Gitmo
Dead Reckoning
We’ll Get There
El Toro
Two Sailors Walk Into a Bar…
No Place Like Home
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Disc Details
2 Blu-ray Discs
UltraViolet Digital Copy
Edition Ratings
Region Coding
Region Free
Video Resolution
1080p AVC MPEG-4
Aspect ratio: 1.78:1
Audio Mixes
English Dolby TrueHD 5.1
French Dolby Digital 2.0
Spanish Dolby Digital 5.1
English SDH

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THE LAST SHIP has a lot of working parts to it and they fit together well.  There is a little sci-fi, plenty of action, realistic military settings and good acting.  The video looks good but, as I said, the skin tones are on the warmer side but clear and clean.  The audio is excellent and robust.  It is exactly what a show like this needs.  As for the extras, they are somewhat redundant at times but they do give a lot of insight about almost every facet of the series to this point.  It is worth checking out and will easily appeal to the “post-apocalyptic” junkies.

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