This Week in Comics – 6-17-15


I know it has been a few weeks since my last time sharing about comics, but there is so much good stuff this week, I had to spread the goodness. We have some DC, Marvel, and IDW releasing good books this week.


DC Comics
Black Canary #1
Art: Annie Wu Cover: Annie Wu Writer: Brendan Fletcher

black canary issue 1 cover

This is a very different story from the traditional Black Canary comics. Dinah Lance finds herself with a gang after doing her bit after being a tough vigilante. The art in this book looks like it fits with the new characters and story that Canary finds herself in.


IDW Comics
Ghostbusters: Get Real #1
Art: Dan Schoening Cover: Dan Schoening Writer: Erik Burnham

ghostbuster issue 1 cover

This isn’t just the Ghostbusters, but it’s the Real Ghostbusters! It has the old team of Peter, Egon, Ray, and Winston in a new book vs Proteus. This is a title to grab on to for the name alone.


Marvel Comics
Deadpool’s Secret Secret Wars #2
Art: Matteo Lolli Cover: Tony Harris Writer: Cullen Bunn

deadpools secret wars issue 1 cover

This is the second issue in this series and I was really impressed with the humor from the premier issue. I’m grabbing this title for sure because they’re taking the original stories and throwing Wade Wilson in the mix. It’s definitely worth checking out.


Thors #1
Art: Chris Sprouse Cover: Chris Sprouse Writer: Jason Aaron

thors issue 1 cover

As a long time fan of Thor and Beta Ray Bill, this book is bringing the Thors from every domain in the same way as say DC’s Green Lantern Corps. They’re god-like space cops. This seems like it could be an entertaining story and well worth giving a read.


Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps #1
Art: David Lopez Cover: David Lopez Writer: Kelly Sue DeConnick

captain marvel carol coprs issue 1 cover

So I know that this issue released last week, but I read it and I dig it. It’s still in the realm of the Secret Wars and back to Carol Danvers, but with a twist… she has a crew called the Carol Corps. These women are pilots and they’re pretty awesome. The thing that drew me in is the artwork. The story has that 1940s feel and the artwork matches the feel of the entire book.









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