[VINYL] TERMINATOR 2 Limited Edition Vinyl LP



Zavvi are bringing this iconic soundtrack to TERMINATOR back to life with a limited edition of only 500 pieces 2 disc vinyl LP, available exclusively with Zavvi.com

Track Listing:

A Side

* Main Title (Terminator 2 Theme)
* Sarah On The Run
* Escape From The Hospital (And T1000)
* Desert Suite
* Sarah’s Dream (Nuclear Nightmare)

B Side

* Attack On Dyson (Sarah’s Solution)
* Our Gang Goes To Cyberdyne
* “Trust Me”
* John and Dyson Into Vault
* SWAT Team Attacks

C Side

* “I’ll Be Back”
* Helicopter Chase
* Tanker Chase
* “Hasta La Vista, Baby” (T1000 Freezes)
* Into The Steel Mill

D Side

* Cameron’s Inferno
* Terminator Impaled
* Terminator Revives
* T1000 Terminated
* “It’s Over” (“Good-Bye”)

Pre-order your copy now from Zavvi.com

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