[UPDATE] We have new photos of Mondo’s TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES Figures!

As we have reported about a month an a half ago, Mondo is making a line of 1/6 scale of the TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES. They are based on the original comic book version by Eastman & Laird, including the all-red bandanas and tails. There are two versions being released: a regular and a Mondo Exclusive version. The Mondo Exclusive comes with the battered piece of armor of The Shredder. Leonardo will be the first of the four to be released and it should be around 2nd Qtr 2016. They will be available to see at Mondo Con in September so make sure to stop by the booth.

You can now order him through Sideshow Collectibles!
Order your TMNT Leonardo TMNT Sixth Scale Figure here from Mondo & Sideshow Collectibles

Accessories Included:
-Classic Comic Red Mask Head
-Cartoon Blue Mask Head
-Dual Katana and Scabbards
-1 set of C-Grip Hands
-1 set of Climbing Claw Hands
-Unique “Pointing Finger of Leadership” Hand
-2 Four-Point Shuriken
-2 Eight-Point Shuriken
-Grappling Hook and Cord
-Utrom Blaster
-Belt with Scabbard Straps
-Pre-Mutation Splinter
-Pre-Mutation Baby Leonardo

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