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When the police and the army decide to raid a drug mill, the also had the help of some of the best specialists in China.  Leng Feng (Wu Jing) is one of those Special Forces soldiers who is on overwatch during the raid.  Feng kills the brother of one of the biggest criminals in China, Ming Deng.  Feng is reprimanded for taking the shot when he was ordered to stand down but it is more of a slap on the wrist.  Ming Deng wants revenge on Feng and anyone else who may protect him.  

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WOLF WARRIOR is a bit of action and drama with a little modern warfare mixed in.  Some of the military tech is exaggerated for cinema but still stays in the realm of realistic.  For example, the soldiers use small drones to survey an area but then in the control rooms, there are elaborate 3D maps of the target area as well. The movie itself is very entertaining and has a solid story to it.  Once the training op starts, things get crazy. The action is on point with the type of movie this is and it never feels like you’ve hit a lull.  It just keeps getting stronger and hitting harder than the scene before it.

As for the editing, the shots are very, very quick.  What I mean by that is nothing stays on the screen for longer than a few fast seconds so you never get to absorb much of what you’re seeing.  The only other gripe I have is with the CGI/green screen work.  There is a part where the team is parachuting into a combat training area and it looks like they’re just laying on a green table on a sky background.  The CGI during the wolf scene looks a little cartoonish but this could simply be a budget choice.

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WellGo has made such a clean Blu-ray when they made WOLF WARRIOR.  The transfer is a sharp 1080p AVC from what looks to be a digital source.  The skin tones are natural and lines are crisp on both close-ups & wide shots.  The transfer shows every little line and wrinkle, which actually shows the quality of the makeup artist’s work.  There are a few parts where there is blocking but its a trivial amount and not distracting at all.

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The original audio for the movie is a Dolby Digital Atmos track and it has been transferred to a DTS-HD MA 5.1 mix.  It is a very powerful mix with a lot of depth throughout the film. Of course, the bullets whizzing around the sound field sound awesome but also a lot of the movement in the soldiers’ formations.  The director made sure that when the soldiers are running through the wooded areas, you hear every bit of the terrain changes.  The explosions are robust and bassy and the treble is matched properly with the action onscreen.  

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There are no bonus features on the release aside from the trailer and the previews.

Bonus Features:

Disc Details
1 Blu-ray Disc

Running Time
90 mins

Edition Ratings
Not Rated

Region Coding
Region A

Video Resolution
1080p AVC MPEG-4

Audio Mixes
Mandarin DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1
Mandarin Dolby Digital 2.0


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WOLF WARRIOR took a little bit to get rolling but once it did, it turned out to be an awesome movie.  The portion of the plot with the idea that their combat training grounds have been infiltrated is a welcomed change to this just being a straight up war movie.  As for the release itself, the video is a clean transfer and the audio mix is strong.  I definitely recommend checking this movie out because it is well worth your time.

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