The sci-fi short SPECTROGRAPHS AND SOLILOQUIES kicks off their Kickstarter campaign today!


At, we’re always about helping out artists of any type with reaching their dreams. Today we are helping promote a Kickstarter campaign for the film SPECTROGRAPHS AND SOLILOQUIES by Cody Lawrence. Lawrence is a graduate of USC film school and this will be his postgraduate directorial debut.

The film is about an astronomer who discovers an anomaly in the sky. After that, his life begins to fall apart. SPECTROGRAPHS AND SOLILOQUIES is co-produced by Will Cherry, Madeline Kushner and Marlene Rios. The film is already picking up speed with support from the Hero Complex Gallery in Los Angeles. The artist for the poster, Marko Manev, is doing a poster and the high-quality prints for the Kickstarter campaign. Check out the perks below:

The Kickstarter can be found here.


$75 — “Bell” vs. “Messier” — Pick your poison! Either an 11″ x 17″ ?Spectrographs and Soliloquies teaser poster OR a 12″ x 18″ signed print of Eddie Mendoza’s concept art, plus all lower reward levels

You’ve gotta love freedom of choice. Which piece of art will you choose? (for more of Eddie’s amazing work, check out


$100 — “Einstein” vs. “Halley” — Hero Complex Gallery x Marko Manev ?Spectrographs and Soliloquies?Art Print, plus all lower level rewards.

We’ve teamed up with our friends at the pop culture art haven Hero Complex Gallery to bring you something special for this reward level: an original 16″ x 24″ Spectrographs and Soliloquies art print by popular graphic artist Marko Manev. The image below is a rough version by Marko, with the final piece to be completed once we can provide Marko with stills from the film. In addition to this beautiful print you will receive all lower level rewards (with the $75 level still a “pick your poison” option). We are really proud of this collaboration and are hopeful that you will be excited to get your hands on the print!


$125 — “Goddard” — Customized Thank You Video by Cast and/or Crew, plus all lower level rewards If you’re backing us by at least this amount, you’ve really gone above and beyond in helping us reach our goal, so we want to personally thank you.


$250 — “Herschel” — Walk-on role in Spectrographs and Soliloquies OR two VIP tickets to a future screening of the film (travel and lodging not included), plus all lower level rewards

Come be in our movie or hang out with us when we finally screen it!


$500 — “Hubble” — Prop telescope, plus all lower level rewards

You will become the lucky owner of one of the film’s pivotal props, Edwin’s engraved brass pocket telescope. This is a one-of-a-kind reward folks, so don’t pass up the chance!


$1000 — “Newton” — Producer Credit, plus all lower level rewards (excluding prop telescope) You’ve single-handedly contributed to 1/20 of our entire Kickstarter goal and you’ve earned yourself a special place in the credits and in our hearts (awh).


$5000 — “Sagan” — Executive Producer Credit, plus all lower level rewards (excluding prop telescope and prop telescope)

WOW! A quarter of the budget? You get your own single card Executive Producer credit and lots of hugs.


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