ZOMBIELAND announced as HDN SteelBook #3, Exclusive to MondoCon!

Earlier today, it was revealed that ZOMBIELAND will be released as the third exclusive HDN Blu-ray SteelBook and that it’ll be available exclusively at Hi-Def Ninja’s booth at MondoCon in Austin, Texas on October 3rd and 4th.

Lights on...

Regular view.

The SteelBook itself features inside artwork and a region-free disc. What makes this release so unbelievably unique, though, is its first-of-its-kind UV blacklight slipcover. The slipcover — showcasing some cool artwork featuring the main cast on the front and zombies galore on the back — unveils a secret image when held underneath a UV blacklight. The ZOMBIELAND title on the front will light up while on the back, the film’s “rules” become visible. Plus, as a bonus, a mini UV blacklight keychain will come with the SteelBook!

With the blacklight on.

With the UV blacklight on.

Quantities will be extremely limited during the MondoCon weekend and will only become available through the Ninja Shop during Halloween Fest if there’s no sell-out at the convention. Price TBA. Follow the release’s official thread for future updates.

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