Next Up: TOTAL RECALL Mondo X SteelBook announced as a Best Buy Canada Exclusive

Hi-Def Ninja is proud to present the announcement of #11 in the Mondo X SteelBook line. TOTAL RECALL features another famed artist in the Mondo Arsenal: the one, the only, JC Richard.

This of course is the TOTAL RECALL with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sharon Stone. (Sorry Colin!)


Just barely squeezing its way into the 90s with a 1990 release, TOTAL RECALL has become somewhat of a sci-fi classic largely due in part to the celebrity that is Arnold Schwarzenegger who dominated the box offices during the 80s and 90s. However, with Arnold or not, who would ever forget a film that showcases a woman with three …. 😉

The SteelBook® is a one disc Blu-ray and has a Google Play digital copy. There has been glorious attention to the white layer which will really make this SteelBook® pop!

As we’ve all come to adore, the art on this release is shown throughout the total package inside and out!

The TOTAL RECALL Blu-ray Mondo SteelBook can be ordered direct from Best Buy Canada HERE, however, they only ship within Canada.

Alternatively, you could sign up for a Group Buy hosted by one of our Canadian Members on the Hi-Def Ninja Community Forums to help you obtain this.

Enjoy all the reveal pics below!









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