[Toy Fair 2016] Bandai 2016 Collector Media Event

And if you felt I was not working hard enough for you guys, I now bring you Bandai.

Though I do have to bring the soul-crushing news to half our members that there were unfortunately no GODZILLA products at Bandai this year. I implore you to stick around, though, dear readers, and see some of their other products including Naruto, Shonen Jump, Dragonball Z, and Miraculous, and relive your childhood with Power Rangers.

I do give Miraculous credit. Seeing the figures in person, they were very high quality and, yes, I’ll use the word here — cute!

So here we go; a few properties not Power Rangers…

DSC00531 DSC00533 DSC00532 DSC00534 DSC00545 DSC00536 DSC00535 DSC00537 DSC00538 DSC00539 DSC00546 DSC00540 DSC00541 DSC00542 DSC00543 DSC00544 DSC00548 DSC00549 DSC00547 DSC00551 DSC00550

The Power Rangers that were in the Bandai booth were basically broken into two categories: current figures and legacy figures.

The current figures deal with the current iteration of Power Rangers Dino Charge.

DSC00528 DSC00527 DSC00526 DSC00525 DSC00524 DSC00523 1 DSC00522 DSC00521

Whereas the legacy line features older series figures and Zords; in the figure lines, they will also be releasing various characters from different iterations in a given series (not pictured due to restrictions).

2 DSC00520 3

However, most impressive were the very realistic communicators and morphers. While they have a fairly high retail price, they are both quality items including die cast chrome, die cast medallions, and color specific Zord specific releases. These are for the adult collector who grew up with the show and wants a really nice piece in their collection.

DSC00530 DSC00529

As always, Hi-Def Ninja is super thankful to the people at Bandai for inviting us into their Toy Fair space and letting us see their newest releases.

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