[Toy Fair 2016] Play Fair photo gallery

For the first time, Toy Fair branched out and in 2016 created an open-to-the-public event called Play Fair that took place on Saturday and Sunday.

Play Fair took place in the Javits North building, which if you are unfamiliar with the name, is the Artist Alley area of New York Comic Con.

Featuring many large companies Play Fair provided children a way to play with some of the newest toys from Lego, Nerf, Nickelodeon, Toys ‘R Us, Warner Bros which they would normally not be able to do as Toy Fair is a strictly industry only show as well as pick up some cool products from Midtown Comics, Toy Tokyo, and my friends at Aw Yeah Comics to name a few.

Throughout the weekend, Lego had their building area, Nerf created a fun zone play with some of their toys, and Warner Bros. revealed a cool remote control Batmobile for the upcoming BATMAN V SUPERMAN movie that follows a light emitted by the remote control. It also has a wall mode that creates a vacuum which allows the Batmobile to run on the wall. Available at Target.

There were also ‘meet and greets’ with cartoon characters and some panels with Lego Masterbuilders and others.

Pictures below.

DSC00153 DSC00172 DSC00171 DSC00170 DSC00168 DSC00169 DSC00167 DSC00166 DSC00165 DSC00164 DSC00163 DSC00161 DSC00160 DSC00159 DSC00158 DSC00157 DSC00154 DSC00180Oh, and the actual Batmobile from the new movie was there all weekend and because yours truly wore his SDCC BATMAN V SUPERMAN shirt, I was allowed behind the velvet rope to get a few close-up shots!

1 DSC00155 DSC00174 DSC00173 DSC00177 DSC00178 DSC00179 DSC00175 DSC00176 DSC00156

Mad Max style (you know the scene)!


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