[Toy Fair 2016] Boardgaming Focus: Gamewright

So up until this point, I have been covering our standard fare here at Hi-Def Ninja, but I am going to change it up a drop and cover something a bit different. As boardgaming gets more and more popular, I figured it would be good to showcase a few easy-to-learn games from Gamewright.

I’m just going to overview three quick games, though, but they have many more!

In a Pickle

The premise of this game is fairly straightforward: try to fit smaller things inside bigger things. Simple.

It is a great on-your-feet thinking game. Juice is in a Pickle, Pickles can be bought in a supermarket, supermarkets are located in parking lots, parking lots are found in states, and so on as long as you can justify it.

Claim a set when your opponents can not come up with a larger word, the player with the most sets wins.


There is even a smaller travel size version available.

Plays: 2-6 Players
Play Time: 30 Minutes
Price: $15.99

Who Would Win

Another quick game that can be taken out and provides lots of fun.

First randomly choose an event like lion taming! Draw two characters and start debating. Whoever convinces the judge(s) that their character would win gets a point!

DSC00991 DSC00992

I would certainly NOT recommend this game while having a few drinks!

Plays: 3+
Play Time: 15 minutes
Price: $9.99

Bring Your Own Book

Again another simple game, but with lots of replay ability.

Each player starts with any book lying around. A card is chosen with a category. Your job is to then find a phrase in the book that will satisfy the judge. Even though the prompts may be the same since you can play with different players and different books each time, the game can’t get old.

Imagine holding a Game of Thrones book in your hand when ‘A line from an unpublished Dr. Seuss book’ comes up!


Plays: 3+
Play Time: 20 minutes
Price: coming soon

And that my friends are three very simple, but very fun games from Gamewright.

I can’t thank the people from Gamewright enough for inviting me into their booth, given I just walked up to them during the show without a prior appointment. Now go buy their games!

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