San Diego Comic-Con 2016 Cosplay Photo Gallery

So let’s start my coverage this year with what everyone wants to see the most – Cosplay Photos!

I’ll admit this was a bit of lighter year for me in this department, but I’m sure you guys will be happy. So, without further ado, here they are!
DSC01742 DSC01647 DSC01736 DSC01737 DSC01738 DSC01739 DSC01740 DSC01741 DSC01744 DSC01745 DSC01827 DSC01830 DSC01831 DSC01832 DSC01626 DSC01834 DSC01835 DSC01836 DSC01837 DSC01840 DSC01841 DSC01842 DSC01843 DSC01845 DSC01856 DSC01858 DSC01859 DSC01860 DSC01861 DSC01862 DSC01865 DSC01866 DSC01869 DSC01870 DSC01871 DSC01872 DSC01874 DSC01875 DSC01876 DSC01877 DSC01878 DSC01880 DSC01890 DSC01894 DSC01895 DSC01953 DSC01955 DSC01956 DSC02212 DSC02213 DSC02214 DSC02215 DSC02216 DSC02217 DSC02218 DSC02219 DSC02220 DSC02221 DSC02222 DSC02224 DSC02225 DSC02226 DSC02227 DSC02352 DSC02354 DSC02369 DSC02386 DSC02396 DSC02397 DSC02407 DSC02408 DSC02410 DSC02413 DSC02415 DSC02423 DSC02424 DSC02429 DSC02430 DSC02431 DSC02432 DSC02433 DSC02447 DSC02449 DSC02451 DSC02453 DSC02457

And of course, I found my hetero life mate Silent Bob. This guy is at SDCC and NYCC and we run into each other every year. If you are him, feel free to reach out!


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