RED VS. BLUE: Season 14 Blu-ray Review


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In the HALO Universe…there is the “Red” and the “Blue” team. They are frenemies that pretty much hate each other. On the narrating mic is the main man with a plan Vic and he is here to tell a series of stories about the teams.

Let me be upfront…I’m a huge RED VS. BLUE fan and have been since The Blood Gulch Chronicles. For me, a web show about one of my favorite gaming franchises was exactly what I was looking for. It has been running successfully for 14 seasons and they typically integrate their hilarious writing and voice acting with the various games from the series for the animation.

For this season, the fans are being told some new situations in a slightly different way. It’s being broken down into a string of stories but they look and feel different from one another. Viewers get to see a little bit of cell-shaded animation, stop motion, the classic game-style animation, and the real guys from Rooster Teeth to make up the episodes.



The transfer is a 1080p AVC presentation. It is a great transfer but there is a lot of movement of the sliding scale to grade it. This is because there are lot of different styles of filming, animation, and resolutions of the games they use to create some of the episode. For example, the episode named RED VS. BLUE VS Rooster Teeth has some gaming animation, smoothed out CG made Halo armors of the teams, and the real Rooter Teeth crew. It has been filmed in HD and easily the best looking episode in the season. The details, shadowing, and coloring all look excellent as well as the contrasting. The problematic episodes are done with either the older animation or in the stop animation. The video isn’t even close to being bad but comparing it to the first episode I discussed, it isn’t as strong.


The audio is a lossless Dolby Digital 5.1 mix. It uses a bit of the surround speakers and never in a heavy way. The show is mostly dialogue-centric with some effects sparsely throughout all of the episodes. The effects have a decent sound and are reminiscent of the games they come from.



-Audio Commentaries: with Miles Luna, Gray Haddock, Sean Murphy, and Burnie Burns.

-Deus ex Machinima: This featurette is about how they brought all of the machinima to the season.

-The Building Blocks of RVB: This is a featurette of how they brought Joe Nicolosi in to make the LEGO episode.

-Making a Mercenary: This featurette is about bringing the mercenaries from The Chorus Trilogy to season 14.

-Immersion BTS: Doing the Warthog Flip. Just watch it and have a little nugget of knowledge dropped on you.

-Rocket Jump BTS

-Red vs. Crew

Episode List:
Room Zero
From Stumbled Beginnings
Fifty Shades of Red
Why They’re Here
The Brick Gulch Chronicles
Orange is the New Red
Invaders from Another Mother
The #1 Movie in the Galaxy: 3
Fight the Good Fight
Meta vs. Carolina: Dawn of Awesome
Grey vs. Gray
Caboose’s Guide to Making Friends
Head Cannon
Get Bent
Red vs. Blue: The Musical
Mr. Red vs. Mr. Blue
RvB Throw-down
The Triplets
The “Mission”
Immersion: The Warthog Flip
Red vs. Blue vs. Rooster Teeth

Disc Details
Two-disc set w/1 Blu-ray & 1 DVD

Running Time
120 mins

Edition Ratings

Region Coding
Region A

Video Resolution
1080p AVC MPEG-4
Aspect ratio: 1.78:1

Audio Mixes
English Dolby Digital 5.1




This season feels like it was very fun for the cast and crew to make because it felt like they got to be even crazier than usual with every episode. My favorite episode this season is the one done completely in The Brick Gulch Chronicles and also RED VS. BLUE VS Rooster Teeth. They will be looked at as classics in the series with time. The release has a very good transfer and a solid audio mix. The bonus features are great to watch and gives you a chance to learn more about the series and the people who have created it. Overall, this is a great release from Cinedigm and an excellent season of RED VS. BLUE. I highly recommend it.

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