Unboxing the November 2016 LOOT CRATE – Fantasy

Fantastical things await;  Let’s get to this!

Each month, Loot Crate curates a box of nerdy goodness for their subscribers with unique items that feature a unique theme for that month. For October, the theme is Fantasy, featuring products from DR. STRANGE, FANTASTIC BEASTS AND WHERE TO FIND THEM, GAME OF THRONES, BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA/ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK, and ELDER SCROLLS.

This is right up my alley and I will start by saying from all the crates I’ve reviewed this is my favorite.

dsc03905 dsc03906DR. STRANGE Q-Fig (QMx)

Another amazing figure from Quantum Mechanix this time featuring the amazing Dr. Strange with all his mystical powers. QMx knows how to do these figures right.

dsc03920 dsc03921 dsc03923 dsc03924FANTASTIC BEASTS AND WHERE TO FIND THEM Obliviator T-Shirt (Bioworld)

Join the Magical Congress of the United States of America as an obliviator making sure non-mags (muggles) don’t become aware of the magical world.  Featuring a really cool graphic on a comfy blue cotton shirt this is by far one of my favorite shirts, even if the design on the Robocop one was a bit nicer.

dsc03904GAME OF THRONES Journal (Caden Concepts)

This journal features a really cool graphic on each side. One side features Melisandre in her more youthful form with the text “The Night is Dark” while the other side features the Red Woman in her true older form with the text “And Full of Terrors.” The best way write down your own fantastic tales in this high quality journal.


A small crossover featuring Kurt Russel in dual roles this exclusive LOOT CRATE variant comic is the first issue featuring a team-up of these iconic action heroes. Are you ready…


Along with the pin is a code that unlocks extra Elder Scrolls Gameplay featuring the Imperial Edition Upgrade


Final thoughts on the Novmeber LOOT CRATE:

Being a fantasy and Science Fiction fan I had high hopes for this crate once I saw the fantasy theme and LOOT CRATE did provide a good box, though not as strong as the October Horror crate. The QMx figure is high quality and the pin is really detailed but what shines brightest for me is the FANTASTIC BEASTS shirt.


Mike’s favorite item: FANTASTIC BEASTS OBLIVIATOR shirt

Finally, if you like what you see and want to start getting your own loot including LOOTPETS, LOOTANIME, LOOTGAMING, LOOT CRATE, or LOOT CRATE DX (as well as upgrades from accessories to socks and wearables), head over to the LOOT CRATE site and sign up. You can sign up for as long or as short as you like — and be sure to look out for Limited Edition Crates!

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