Raven Banner’s limited edition BUNNY THE KILLER THING! Blu-ray now available

Raven Banner Releasing, the company behind last year’s TURBO KID SteelBook, has announced that their Limited Edition Blu-ray Digipack of BUNNY THE KILLER THING! is now available for order. A raunchy, x-rated horror/comedy, BUNNY’s Limited Edition is hand-numbered and limited to only 1000 copies.

The film follows a killer sex-crazed 6-foot-tall bunny who was created after a science experiment went wrong. Now on the loose, Bunny goes after a group of young people staying at a cabin in the woods. BUNNY THE KILLER THING! is a spoof on splatter and camp films and is unapologetically offensive and non-PC.


We’ve decided to not post the trailer here due to its subject matter, but if you’d like to see it, visit here. BUNNY THE KILLER THING! is now available for $29.99 CAD from Amazon.ca.

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