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In Paris, an ex DEA Agent Decker has found himself helping a girl named Lisa when he finds her being slapped around by her boyfriend.  When the boyfriend pulls a gun, Decker takes him out with his favorite pistol. After Decker is cleared by his old friend Jean from the police of the shooting, he meets Lisa and she needs help.  She explains that the dead boyfriend has millions of Euros stashed away and this is where the plot thickens.

END OF A GUN is written and directed by Keoni Waxman.  He has worked with Seagal on several films and that gives them a helpful rapport.  There are a few scenes that come off as comical and I’m sure they weren’t intended to be.  The majority of them were during fight scenes and its because Seagal isn’t the spring chicken he was in his early movies.  He moves a little slower and the quick cuts in editing don’t help as much as he would probably like.

Steven Seagal – Decker
Florin Piersic Jr. – Gage
Jade Ewen – Lisa Durant
Jacob Grodnik – Luc
Ovidiu Niculescu – Jean



The video is a 1080p AVC presentation and it looks very good.  The scenes of Paris are stunning and make the city look incredible.  One of the best shots is of the Arc de Triomphe and both the coloring as well as the details are spot on.  The details in the images are crisp and there is so much that the camera doesn’t miss.  The lines and imperfections on Seagal’s face really show his age.  The coloring is bright and has a clean, digital look.  The blacks get a little muddled in the darker scenes but its never distracting from the movie.


The audio is a lossless DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 mix.  The track picks up a good amount of the ambient sound of the busy Paris scenes but it feels very light.  The score has some decent moments of bass but this is the only place where it shows any teeth.  Even the gunfire has more of a popping sound rather than feeling any oomph that pistols usually make in films.  The voices in the dialogue have been reproduced well and come through nicely. 




Disc Details
1 Blu-ray Disc
Digital copy

Running Time
87 mins

Edition Ratings
Not Rated

Region Coding
Region A

Video Resolution
1080p AVC MPEG-4
Aspect ratio: 1.78:1

Audio Mixes
English DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1

English SDH



There is a good amount of action in END OF A GUN and the movie is pretty much a “run of the mill” action movie.  The better action scenes are the gunfights rather than the hand-to-hand combat.  The release has a good video transfer and an average audio mix.  As for the extras, there are none except for the trailer.  If you’re a Seagal fan or like this kind of action, I recommend checking this out.

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