Unboxing and review of DC’s Legion of Collectors DC Legacy box from Funko!

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Funko and DC’s latest subscription box has released and we have it!  The theme for January 2017 is “DC Legacy” and it explores some of the characters that don’t get as much love as they deserve.  This is a bi-monthly subscription box, which you can pay for per box at $25 USD or you can pay for an annual membership at $150 USD.  Both price points are before the taxes and shipping charges.

The outer box has Batman on the front with a variety of the classic heroes including Batman, Robin, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Green Arrow, Aquaman, and Plastic Man.

Funko POP!

The exclusive Funko POP! figure is Patrick O’Brian or better known as Plastic Man.  This is a perfect example of Funko branching out to create figures that are not based on the usual sculpt.  He is one of the most unique figures we have seen so far with a very thin body, elongated appendages, and huge hands.  Looking at him in the box, right away you might think that this figure will not be able to stay upright on his own but the figure’s center of gravity works perfectly.  The paint is really nice with a variety of glosses like a matte hair, glossy frames, and semi-glossy lenses.  This is a very cool figure and a welcome addition to the DC collection.

Salt and Pepper Shakers

The other exclusive item is a subscription box first: Batman and Robin salt & pepper shakers.  These ceramic shakers are about as tall as a POP! figure and the spices go inside the heads with completely solid, ceramic bodies.  My only gripe (for lack of a better word) is that there are said to pay homage to the classic TV series.  Robin is representative of Burt Ward on the show because the comic book version isn’t very different from the comics.  However, Batman isn’t the right color blue and has the wrong emblem.  Those things are what make the TV version unique from the comic’s version.  That being said, I do really dig the pair of them and they’ll look good in my kitchen.


The exclusive T-shirt included has two variants: one is a blue Krypto The Superdog and grey Ace The Bat-Hound.  These are also a subscription box first being “ringer” style and remind me of a vintage college tee or 70’s sport shirt.  I dig the design because I feel like they are a play on the Superpets TV show but also the debut in the comics in the 50’s.

The Comic Book, Patch and Pin

The comic book is a re-cover of Adventure Comics Starring Aquaman #452.  The art is done by the talented Adam Archer in the POP! style.  It has Aquaman and Black Manta on the cover with Aquaman fighting mind-controlled eels.

The patch is a of Green Arrow in the classic comic book version of Ollie Queen with the signature van dyke and feathered cap.  The pin is of Swamp Thing and the artwork looks exactly like creator Len Wein’s work.  I really like the style because he has the signature facial lines and looks like he’s made of green gunk.  

The Bottom Line

As a whole, I’m a fan of the entire box.  I know that some people complain about getting the POP! home stuff but I’ve come to appreciate it more since I’ve been putting the stuff in my kitchen.  My favorite item is the POP! due to me having a decent sized DC collection of figures.  Check out the review video to see more about this box:

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