On February 20th, we are kicking off our 7th Annual “NINJA WEEK”. For the uninitiated, you may ask, “What the heck is Ninja Week? You all run around in pajamas?” Of course not; we walk, not run. No, in all seriousness, NINJA WEEK started 7 years ago with the idea that many sites will host a give-away from time-to-time, but what if we had a give-away every day for a week — items that were around $40-50 each? A celebration of pop-culture among friends, showing appreciation, and spreading our vision of our Community having NINJA SPIRIT.

Each year forward, the event got bigger, and bigger, and BIGGER! A few free items turned into a hundred, and now it’s always by the hundreds. We’ve literally seen years where over 500 items have been given away celebrating all things pop culture! From movies, games, statues, posters, to plenty of different toys, and entertainment collectibles.

It has turned into something completely mind-blowing with many of your favorite companies coming on board with donations, and our fans/members joining in to host give-aways as well. It’s just utterly insane and a fun time for all our audience around the world to partake and geek out!


Last year, there was over $24,000 worth of merchandise given away for free! You are not misreading; there are no typos in that!

This year is set to be a grand ole time had by all as we come together and share the Ninja Spirit among a vibrant community of new fans, forum members, and old grizzly forum veterans whom many have seen the growth that is Ninja Week take place first hand.

This year we will even have an exclusive NINJA WEEK Pin that will be given away on the Community Forums to our members for doing simple small tasks and for those unlucky to win, then you will have a purchasing option on our Ninja Shop available soon.


We invite everyone to join and participate in our NINJA WEEK event — and to stay on top of all the action and see where all the give-aways will take place, you can go directly to the NINJA WEEK FORUM HERE. New give-aways and threads will open up in rapid succession starting on the start date and continue EVERY DAY during NINJA WEEK!

Joining our forums is free, so sign up and join in!

About the author

is a pop culture fanatic who loves to collect things from films that leave a lasting impression on him. A big fan of such brands like SteelBook, Mondo, and Sideshow. Favorite films or franchises include Braveheart, HEAT, Book of Eli, Ip Man, Nolan's Batman, Everything Marvel, and practically anything Quentin Tarantino touches. Proudly owns The Notebook, drives 88 mph, and know's exactly what was in Marsellus Wallace's briefcase!