[Toy Fair 2017] Mattel Brand Previews

Mattel held their Collectors Preview this past Sunday and unveiled their newest products from their Hot Wheels, Halo, Mega Construx, WWE, and DC Universe lines. Mattel again invited Hi-Def Ninja into the collectors preview on Sunday as well as their brand space on Monday. Since there were two separate events, you may see different backgrounds from the collectors preview and from the showroom.

There is a lot to cover, so let’s dive right in.

DC Universe
Within the DC Universe, there were new comic product reveals including a New 52 Batman and an amazing Clayface figure as well as Wonder Woman figures and fashion dolls, DC Super Hero Girls, and Justice League Action geared towards the younger crowd.

With DC Comics Universe, it was really nice to see the New 52 comic series getting the action figure treatment and the Clayface figure is something to look out for.

DSC05437 DSC05438 DSC05439 DSC05440 DSC05441 DSC05442 DSC05443 DSC05444 DSC05445 DSC05446 DSC05447 DSC05448 DSC05449DSC05469 DSC05470 DSC05473 DSC05472 DSC05474 DSC05471 DSC05468 DSC05465 DSC05464 DSC05462 DSC05460 DSC05466 DSC05467 DSC05496 DSC05497 DSC05506 DSC05499 DSC05500 DSC05501 DSC05502 DSC05450 DSC05458 DSC05452 DSC05456 DSC05455 DSC05453 DSC05454 DSC05484 DSC05569 DSC05482 DSC05483 DSC05567 DSC05568However, the real winner of the entire Matty Collector Preview night and probably the entire Toy Fair show is the upcoming release of the Justice League Elite-Tek Remote Controlled Batmobile. The Batmobile was created in a 1:10 scale and is extremely detailed with Justice League accurate design. The App controlled Batmobile features smoke release from exhaust pipe, moving missiles on hood of car, moving steering wheel and light-up cockpit, roaring engine sounds, and four armored-up wheels. The cockpit includes a camera so you can drive from Batman’s POV via an app-controlled device. There is a special “jump mode” feature that elevates the Batmobile with hydraulic-like movement. Finally, the Batmobile features an augmented reality feature that will project missiles and gunfire shooting out of the cannons.

While not cheap at $250, this is a good price point for the collectors out there wanting to add a really nice piece to their collection and as someone who has put together a gas powered RC car, this is nowhere near expensive.

DSC05694 DSC05689 DSC05690 DSC05691 DSC05692 DSC05693Below is a video demo of the Batmobile in action. One note, though; this was the prototype that the creator made, so there will be changes on the final product.

Teen Titans Go! Included their Mini Figure Assortment, Super Tooters, and a Smooth Talker Beast Boy.
DSC05686 DSC05687

DC Super Hero Girls figures and doll assortment
DSC05491 DSC05492 DSC05493 DSC05671 DSC05672 DSC05673 DSC05674 DSC05678 DSC05485 DSC05675 DSC05680 DSC05681 DSC05682 DSC05683 DSC05684

Hot Wheels unveiled new Fast and the Furious, Star Wars, DC, and Marvel licensed products. The Star Wars figures, while rehashes of previously released vehicles, do feature the new Star Wars 40th Anniversary Logo and I might have heard a rumor that there will be a Wedge Antilles Star Wars Celebration Exclusives vehicle for the convention collector. From Marvel, released were a new line of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 vehicles including the super cool Milano.
DSC05657 DSC05659DSC05630 DSC05631 DSC05632 DSC05629DSC05337 DSC05338 DSC05339DSC05407 DSC05408 DSC05409 DSC05410 DSC05411 DSC05412 DSC05413DSC05389 DSC05390DSC05651 DSC05649 DSC05650 DSC05652 DSC05655 DSC05653 DSC05656 DSC05654 DSC05343 DSC05344 DSC05345 DSC05346DSC05641 DSC05642 DSC05643 DSC05476 DSC05477 DSC05480 DSC05475 DSC05478 DSC05479 DSC05644 DSC05645 DSC05647 DSC05648DSC05635 DSC05634 DSC05636 DSC05352 DSC05637 DSC05638 DSC05639 DSC05640 DSC05347 DSC05350 DSC05351 DSC05353The newly minted Mega Construx continues to provide brick building options with brands that range from Halo and Destiny to new and continuing brands such as Pokemon and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

DSC05571 DSC05572 DSC05573 DSC05574 DSC05575 DSC05576 DSC05577Halo
DSC05578 DSC05579 DSC05580 DSC05581 DSC05582 DSC05584 DSC05583Despicable Me
DSC05585 DSC05588 DSC05589 DSC05590 DSC05591 DSC05592 DSC05593Monster High
DSC05596 DSC05597 DSC05598Call of Duty
DSC05601 DSC05602 DSC05603 DSC05605 DSC05607 DSC05608Destiny
DSC05611 DSC05612 DSC05613 DSC05614 DSC05615 DSC05610Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
DSC05618 DSC05619 DSC05621 DSC05622 DSC05623 DSC05624 DSC05625 DSC05626Halo Figures including 12-inch basics, 6-inch Collectors Figures, and two new figures: Atriox and Jerome 0-92
DSC05377 DSC05378 DSC05379 DSC05380 DSC05381 DSC05382 DSC05383 DSC05384 DSC05385 DSC05386 DSC05387 DSC05388 DSC05415 DSC05417 DSC05418

WWE continued to provide Wrestlers and Ring playsets, the mutants playline, and the newly revelead NXT Takeover line.
DSC05393 DSC05394 DSC05397 DSC05399 DSC05401 DSC05402 DSC05404 DSC05405 DSC05421 DSC05420 DSC05422 DSC05424

DSC05391 DSC05392Monster High dolls
DSC05667 DSC05359 DSC05358 DSC05666 DSC05669 DSC05661 DSC05663 DSC05662 DSC05356


DIY model kit robots that combine origami concepts with robotics engineering. Light as a feather and quick as a bug, Kamigami have a full sensor suites to talk to each other and explore their environment. They are controlled via an app.

DSC05704 DSC05696 DSC05701 DSC05702 DSC05703 DSC05700 DSC05698 DSC05699Thanks again, of course, go to the amazing people at Mattel for letting Hi-Def Ninja into their event and show floor space and for letting us share their products with our members.

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