Unboxing and Review of DC’s Legion of Collectors SUPERMAN box from Funko!

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Funko and DC’s latest subscription box has released and wow, it a beauty!  The theme for March 2017 is “Superman!” and its packed to the brim with the various versions of the Man of Steel.  This is a bi-monthly subscription box, which you can pay for per box at $25 USD or you can pay for an annual membership at $150 USD.  Both price points are before the taxes and shipping charges.

The Box Art:

The outer box is covered in…you guessed it, Superman!  On the cover is the Funko-styled silhouette of Kal-El and the collage on the inside has so many awesome Superman looks.  

Funko POP!:

The POP! figure included is of Superman in the classic fists on the hips, S-curl on his forehead, and the cape looks like its caught in the wind. The details on him are superb. He has a chiseled look with the well-defined arms and body. The “S” logo on his chest is a combination of a decal on a raised, diamond-shape that gives it more definition.  Also, instead of painting the separations in his suit, everything is sculpted from the lines in his trunks to the sculpted belt with buckle and loops.  They stuck with the matte-finish for the hair and, as I said last month, this looks so much better than what they have done in the past.  He simply looks amazing.

The Keychain:

The keychain is Superman in his flight pose and he is unable to stay up without help.  Now, you don’t have to necessarily keep him on the key chain and Funko designed him that way.  This has been their way with the key chains from the jump but this particular figure is meant to hanging from something.  His pose doesn’t allow you to just have him “standing” on his own and needs to be propped.

3 3/4 inch Superman Action Figure:

This figure is based on the original Superman design from Action Comics #1 in June 1938 from the coloring all the way to the “shield” style emblem on his chest.  The cape is a solid red like in the 30’s and the coloring I mentioned is different from the POP!  He has articulation in both his arms and legs in a similar way to The Joker from the SUICIDE SQUADbox.  The only real flaw I found is that his legs have these weird shin guards that make me think that the legs are from the mold of the BATMAN V SUPERMAN version of the character.  As I said, its minor but it instantly caught my eye.

The T-shirt:

The shirt has the Man of Steel in a similar pose as the keychain and he resembles a POP! Figure. There is the top globe of The Daily Planet as well as Metropolis in the background. The wording on it is The MAN of STEEL! and from KRYPTON! here to save our WORLD! It’s a nice looking shirt and it really hits a lot of the imagery related to Superman.

The Comic Book, Patch and Pin:

The comic book is a reprint of Superman #1 from 1939 with the POP! cover by the awesome Adam Archer.  To be honest, this was what I was imagining on the shirt but I’m glad that the design made it on one of the items in the box.  

The patch has him in the same pose as the shirt in a circle shape with the classic line: It’s a Bird – It’s a Plane – It’s Superman!  

The pose on the pin looks to be in the style of George Perez’s artwork and I think it was a great decision to use this image.  Like Jerry Siegel’s art for The Man of Tomorrow, Perez is rich in the history of the character and is really how most people imagine the hero.


I’ll come clean about something: I’m not exactly the biggest fan of Superman but this box has charmed me to pay a little more attention to the character.  This box is arguably the best box that Funko has released in the Legion of Collectors’ line.  I really love everything in the box but the POP! has impressed me the most.  It is the perfect example of the evolution that Funko has gone through over the past several years. There are a few figures that I love in the classic POP! design but I would love to see a more chiseled Captain America, Batman, or another shredded character in the future.  Keep it up Funko; this box easily falls in the Top Five releases.

Check out the Unboxing video!

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