[Star Wars Celebration] A Look at the Show Floor

Last weekend ReedPop held it’s annual Star Wars Show Star Wars Celebration in Orlando Florida. This year was an extra special year since it is the 40th Anniversary of STAR WARS: EPISODE IV – A NEW HOPE. Because of this I decided to fly down to Orlando and experience the show and everything it had to offer for this extra special year.

One of the main features of any convention is it’s show floor, this is where exhibitors come to show off their products, demo games, and sell products. So below is a look at some of the amazing exhibitors I found on the floor at Star Wars Celebration 2017 Orlando.

Lego actually had two areas this year. A builders area where you could build and take a mini Millennium Falcon and the other side where throughout the weekend attendees could help build a larger scale Millennium Falcon. Also in this area there were full size Lego Star Wars Characters including Rey, Kylo Ren, Captain Phasma, and a Stormtrooper.

The second Lego area housed a build and play area for children as well as a huge screen playing Lego Star Wars clips while the other side of this area housed the store which were selling both regular products and the Star Wars Celebration Exclusive Detention Block Rescue set; a show exclusive set that caused hours of overflow lines for people who didn’t win the lottery before the show to wait on in hopes of getting a chance at buying!

DSC05911 DSC05909 DSC05912 DSC05913 DSC05914 DSC05915 DSC05917 DSC05919 DSC05918 DSC05920 DSC05910 DSC06119 DSC06381The hard to get Lego Exclusive in all its glory!

1 2 3 4Lego also held a few panels at the show one on the design and development of the LEGO Star Wars sets, packaging and media and another on a behind the scenes look at the Freemaker Adventures

Designing the LEGO® Star Wars™ Galaxy – the design and development of LEGO Star Wars construction toys with Rob Johnson
Senior Art Director and current Brand Manager Rob Johnson from The LEGO Group will take you through the design and development process that brings your favorite LEGO Star Wars construction sets to life. The panel will be a deep dive into the LEGO Star Wars design process, from the conceptual stage to sculpting, prototyping, Lucasfilm approval and finally production, and will then cover the packaging development process.

Behind the Scenes with LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures
Join executive producers Bill Motz and Bob Roth as they share insights into the making of the Emmy nominated series “LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures” and give a sneak peek at what’s to come!

Popminded x Hallmark
Another staple at conventions Hallmark brought their booth to the show with a green screen photo set-up, a chalk wall where people could write messages or draw art, and of course sold exclusives. This year those exclusives included a Ralph McQuarrie inspired stormtrooper and products in their itty bittys line.

DSC05937 DSC05933 DSC05935 DSC05936 DSC05934 DSC06597DEL REY
Unleashing the new Thrawn book by Timothy Zahn this booth while maybe having a small footprint DEL REY drew a lot of attention at the show. Combined with the fact that they were participating in the Pin Trading program, the release of the new book, author signings which included Timothy Zahn and Chuck Wendig, and author panels, DEL REY had a lot of booth traffic throughout the weekend.

On Saturday when were only 75 copies left of the Thrawn book DEL REY held a raffle which caused close to 700 people descending on their booth to get a chance at buying this exclusive book and pin. Throughout it all the booth staff remained calm and cool and even coordinated multiple formed lines to make all of them official so everyone had a fair share at the book!

DSC06350 DSC06351 DSC06598MATTEL
Mattel hat a nice Star Wars Hot Wheels themed booth with a full size X-Wing car and a display of Star Wars themed cars. They also offered a Biggs Darklighter Character Car show exclusive with a very distinctive front bumper feature.

DSC05986 DSC06178 DSC06179 DSC06181 DSC06180 DSC06184 DSC06183 DSC06182 DSC06185Sideshow Collectibles
Bringing together some of the nicest Star Wars Collectible around

DSC05953 DSC05943 DSC05966 DSC05967 DSC05969 DSC05968 DSC05970 DSC05971 DSC05973 DSC05976 DSC05977 DSC05978 DSC05979 DSC05980 DSC05965 DSC05961 DSC05954 DSC05955 DSC05957 DSC05963 DSC05940 DSC05959 DSC06347 DSC06348GENTLE GIANT
Designers, developers, and manufactures of three-dimensional representations of beloved characters from a variety of franchise properties

DSC06354 DSC06357 DSC06359 DSC06356 DSC06358 DSC06353 DSC06355 DSC06361 DSC06364 DSC06362 DSC06363 DSC06365 DSC06366 DSC06367 DSC06368 DSC06369 DSC06370 DSC06371 DSC06372 DSC06373 DSC06374KOTOBUKIYA
Manufacturer of science fiction, comic, movie and video games figures. Japan.

DSC05792 DSC05791 DSC05793 DSC06126NISSAN
Nissan had a booth with their co-branding with the Rogue One movie with themed cars, an Oculus experience, and a small giveaway

Manufacturers and marketers of extremely high quality, “screen accurate” limited edition prop replicas and collectibles

DSC06333 DSC06340 DSC06334 DSC06341 DSC06339 DSC06338 DSC06337 DSC06336 DSC06342 DSC06343 DSC06344MANDALORIAN MERCS COSTUME CLUB
is a global non-profit organization uniting fans of Mandalorian costumes, characters, and culture.and they had a very nice booth space with fun activities.

DSC06227 DSC06226 DSC06256 DSC06251 DSC06250 DSC06249 DSC06248 DSC06246 DSC06245 DSC06244 DSC06243 DSC06241 DSC06240 DSC06239 DSC06237 DSC06236 DSC06235 DSC06234 DSC06233 DSC06232 DSC06231 DSC06230 DSC06229 DSC06228CUSTOM CAR BUILDS
Including the previously mentioned Mattel Darth Vader Car

DSC05998 DSC06000 DSC06001 DSC06002 DSC06003 DSC06004 DSC06005 DSC06006 DSC06007 DSC06008 DSC06009 DSC06011 DSC06012 DSC06013 DSC06014 DSC05992 DSC05993 DSC05994 DSC05995 DSC05996 DSC05997DROID BUILDERS

DSC05945 DSC05946 DSC05947 DSC05948REBEL LEGION

DSC06032 DSC06033 DSC06034 DSC06035 DSC06036 DSC06026 DSC06027 DSC06028 DSC06029 DSC06030 DSC06031STAR WARS SHOW AREA

DSC06132 DSC06131 DSC06130 DSC06129 DSC06378 DSC06379 DSC06224 DSC06016 DSC05908 DSC06225 DSC05788 DSC06321 DSC06322

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