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San Diego Comic-Con continues to bring the highest level of exhibitors around all bringing the newest content, toys, collectibles and news. Ranging from the smallest of booths to mammoth exhibits there is something for everyone. There’s over 1,000 exhibitors at this show so suffice to say it would take a very long time if I even attempted to document a quarter of them so instead below I focus on just a small sample of the exhibitors that were out in force in San Diego.

Dark Horse
Occupying their normal spot on the show floor Dark Horse has a nice set up on the show floor. They continue to have both signings and exclusives throughout the show. This year they brought Frank Miler along to sign a Xerxes print from 300. Their exclusives included items from The Witcher, Game of Thrones, Halo, Mass Effect, and Hellboy as well as special variant cover comics. They were also displaying products from their American Gods line which included pint and shot glasses.

Mattel also has a huge set-up at San Diego Comic-Con with exclusives, this year that included a Batmobile Hot Wheels Car and a Cyborg Justice League figure among others as well as a huge booth space. And what was in that huge booth space? The actual Batmobile from Justice League. Not to be outdone Mattel also had a display of their Justice League figures and the upcoming RC controlled Batmobile announced earlier this year at the NY Toy Fair. They also had displays of their Hot Wheels including a wall of Hot Wheels cars and  WWE Figures including a display of Diva Figures. A separate booth space was also dedicated to the Mega Construx line.

Mezco had a nice collection of items from their Living Dead Dolls line as well as their signature One:12 Collective line including an Old Man Logan, Thor and Hulk all of which feature over 30 points of articulation. Summer Exclusives included a Mile Morales Spider Man and a X-Men Deadpool.

Gentle Giant
Designers, developers, and manufactures of three-dimensional representations of beloved characters from a variety of franchise properties. Gentle Giant is also always a big draw at Comic-Con with statues, busts, and full size replicas. Some of the items were on display at Star Wars Celebration but at Comic-Con there were additional Marvel, DC, and even Walking Dead products. This year they had a few Star Wars bust exclusives based on Brian Rood designs.

Quantum Mechanix
Our friends at Quantum Mechanix showcased a whole bunch of products from multiple product lines. From their figures line they had a bunch of figures including the various Star Trek Captains and Captain’s chair, they also showed off a Kahn from Wrath of Kahn, Sam and Dean figures from Supernatural, Firefly, and Princess Bride. From their Q-Fig line they showed off some really cool Supergirl, Catwoman, Harry Potter, and Pinky and the Brain products. FInally on display was Guardians of the Galaxy film scale Milano with under 10 made this guy will set you back $7,500 if you had the money.

Warner Brothers – DC Entertainment
Technically these are two distinct booths. The Warner Booth is where more of the movies and autograph signings take place throughout the convention and while they have a large booth space outside of an Big Bang Theory activation where you sat on the red couch and some movie props there was not a lot going on at their booth.

The DC booth however focuses on the comics side. They have lots of comic artist signings, movie costumes, and displays of figures including the new vinyl figure line that debuted at the Five Points Festival.

WETA Workshop
WETA does creative development, publishing, weapons, props, creatures, make-up, miniatures, public art, merchandise for films such as Lord of the Rings, Ghost in the Shell, Warcraft, and more.

The premier makers of Pop! Vinyl and pop-culture licensed toys including: Lucas Films, Marvel, Hasbro, The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, DC Comics and pretty much everyone else.

EFX manufactures and markets extremely high quality, “screen accurate” limited edition prop replicas and collectibles from your favorite films, television, video games and other entertainment media.

Blade Runner 2049 Experience
So technically this experience was held offsite presented by Alcon Entertainment and Johnnie Walker. A huge hanger was erected over the course of a week promoting the upcoming movie. Going into the experience you could choose either the VR or the non-VR experience. These were essentially the same however the VR experience enhanced with motion chairs, created by Turtle Rock, started off with a ride a spinner through LA 2049. Once the VR experience ended you were left in a street scene from the movie with a cast of actors wearing costumes from the movie. Also on display were props from the movie an Udon Noodle Bar, and a actual bar serving patrons 21 and older tastes of their new Johnnie Walker Black Label The Directors Cut bottle.

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