[CONTEST] T-shirt design contest hosted by Zavvi!

Calling all Ninjas!

Are you a designer and would like to see your creation on the front of a t-shirt from Zavvi? If so, here’s your chance! Rules are as follows:

Please note – (your design) can be funny, retro, vintage, modern, unique, interesting, etc., but due to licensing considerations, they cannot contain any licensed character or copyrighted words/brands. In short, share your best designs that embrace pop culture, entertainment, music, movies, collectibles, vinyl, etc., in general, and would appeal to you as a fan and consumer.

For more information on how to enter this contest, visit the official thread in the HDN forum here.

Good luck!


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NINJA | Ken loves comics, video games, and film -- especially creature features and giant monster flicks. When he's not stalking the shadows as part of the Ninja Clan, he spends his time obsessively collecting ThunderCats, King Kong, and Pacific Rim memorabilia.