A review of Mezco’s Exclusive One:12 Collective Deadpool!

A review of Mezco's Exclusive One:12 Collective Deadpool!
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They call him The Merc with The Mouth. He’s an unlikable, schizophrenic mutant who will do anything to get the job done. It’s Deadpool or Wade Wilson and he is the newest addition the Mezco’s One:12 Collective. He runs about $80 USD before the shipping and taxes. This is a meshing of design ideas to bring him together so let’s dive in and check him out!


The packaging is a little bit different from the classic boxes with the gatefold front. The whole thing is a bright red that goes along with the hue of his costume. It has a slipover cover that has the action/accessories photos on the back with the Deadpool logo on the front. It’s a smooth cardboard and sturdy. The back of the inside box that actually has the figure inside has a huge Mezco logo in a cool spot-glossed image. The figure is in the window box that has a pullout the shell that holds Wade down with him surrounded by the slew of accessories included.


Like the One:12 Collective figures that I have reviews in the past, this is an excellent representation of this comic book character but with Mezco’s added touch. He is in a red outfit that has a lot of black accents from his knees to his elbows. The comic book likeness is great even with the added Liefeld gauntlets. Starting at the shoulders, he has three rifle grenade loops on each side for a total of six. He has two holders on his back for his katanas. These are solid and very secure to his back. When you have the swords in there, you can see them over his shoulders.

He has his belt buckle with the emblem on it and pouches. I mean come on, it wouldn’t be Deadpool without some pouches. Go a little further down and you get to his pistol holsters that are securely attached to his thighs. The boots are the “real world” tactical look that matches up to the gauntlets on his arms. What I mean about the boots is that they look like modern tactical boots, including the treads.

There are two headsculpts included with a straight “face” and one with a raised brow. The subtle look of the raised brow adds that look that Deadpool is known for. Both have some wrinkles that make it look much more natural.


Like I mentioned earlier, he comes with a decent set of accessories: the two headsculpts, one Headpool, four pairs of hands, two katanas, a tricked out assault rifle, two pistols, four hand-grenades, and six 40mm grenades. He also has the base stand with the clear, posable arm.

The quick history of Headpool is that he is the zombie head of Deadpool from another dimension that is searching for a body. This is the exclusive item if you were to get this figure from Mezco directly. He is highly detailed and just looks incredible. He has the helmet with the little propeller that gets him from place to place. The one issue I have with it is that there is not a real way to display him aside from keeping it on the base next to him. It would’ve been cool to see an attachment to the stand’s arm to make him look like he is in the air.

The hands are two fists, two gun-gripping hands, two katana holding hands, a grenade holding hand, and a hang loose hand. The amount of hands he has makes it easy to do a lot of crazy cool combinations that would expect from Mr. Wilson. Like all other Mezco figures, there is a clear plastic bag included for the accessories that aren’t in use. It has a label you can write on and won’t ruin anything inside.


This is another figure that has the flexibility of the previous figures that I’ve reviewed but there is one difference: his suit is a bit restricting. The black on the sides has that “rubber-ish” coating but, to be fair, Deadpool isn’t Spider-Man or Daredevil. He is very poseable and can look extra crazy with the clear arm on the base stand. The hands on the wrist pegs turn easily and can be removed with ease. The weapons don’t effect how the hands are positioned due to them weighing next to nothing. The head is also very easy to remove with the neck joint being a round peg. It makes it so that the head can also be turned and tilted well. This, in combination with the two headsculpts, lets you have fun and mix it up.


Mezco really has done it again. They have captured the look and feel of Deadpool that the fans will really appreciate. You get a ton of weapons, accessories, and ways to create the perfect pose for the Wade Wilson in your collection. I really don’t have any complaints about the figure at all because Deadpool has definitely been done right by Mezco. I can highly recommend picking this one up and adding him to the collective.

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