[Toy Fair 2018] Gentle Giant

Gentle Giant one of the leaders in the digital scanning, sculpting, and 3D printing game was at Toy Fair this year.

While they did show off some of their 1/8 Scale figures including some new figures in their Star Wars line and some amazing Wolverine figures the big news was the announcement of Gentle Giant Toys. Also on display were figures in their animated statue line that featured art by Skottie Young art, Punisher figures, and some cool bookends.

Harnessing their ability as the premier name in high end collectibles Gentle Giant Toys will takes their top licenses to produce new lines of mass-market collectibles. To start this will include seven new product lines; Bust-Ups, Mini Heroes, Enamel Pins, Super Stills, Micro Bobbles, Tiny Tin Pocket Pails, and Fleet Flyers.

These lines have the same level of craftsmanship and detail expected from Gentle Giant but at a price point for everyone.

Tiny Tin Pocket Pails
Bringing a little nostalgia to your lives. These mini lunch boxes feature iconic modern and retro artwork. Each tin comes with an eraser pencil topper shaped like a thermos and comes with a blind box. There will be chases in these.

Next up is the Bust-Ups line. These mini busts are basically mini building models with themed bases that once assembled are ready for display. They come pre painted and once snapped together are ready to go. These also come as blind boxes.

Micro Bobbles
These Marvel Micro-Bobbles feature stylized versions of your favorite characters. With a suction cup attached to a string allow the figures to be displayed in the characters signature pose. If you can guess the trend these too will be made available as blind boxes with variant chasers.

I will spoil a secret there is a glow in the dark Venom chase. Though personally I feel Venom’s string should be black and Carnage’s should be red.

Fleet Flyers
Shifting focus from Marvel and Star Wars, the fleet flyers line feature ships from the new Star Trek: Discovery show. Sculpted using the digital models from the show each ship comes with a tremendous amount of detail. Display them how you want with clear multi-jointed suction cup based arms. These will come in clearly marked boxes so you do know what ship you are getting.

Mini Heroes
Taken from Marvel covers, you may again notice some Skottie Young inspired figures, each statute fun designs of favorite Marvel characters.

Super Stills
Super Stills takes some extremely detailed figures and makes them accessible to mass market by changing the materials. Each bust features an iconic character in a unique pose and are ready for display.

Enamel Pins
Launching with Star Wars the blind box Enamels Pins line will continue the growing enamel pin market. The first series features six pins based on iconic figure designs from A New Hope with no chases. Each blind box once opened looks mimics the look of the now iconic Kenner blister packs. Future series will explore the rich 40 year history of Star Wars up through The Last Jedi.

We would of course like to thank Gentle Giant for showing us around their booth as they embark on their new adventure. Also to celebrate this new venture they unveiled a new brand logo.

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