A review of Mezco’s Exclusive One:12 Collective Deathstroke!

A review of Mezco's Exclusive One:12 Collective Deathstroke!
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Some people call Wade Wilson DC’s Deadpool but Deathstroke has been in comics longer by more than a decade.  He has been a villain to many of the heroes in the DC Universe in the comics, the DC TV Universe, the video games, and he has been introduced into the movies.  Slade Wilson is as tough as they come and as a part of Mezco’s One:12 Collective, he is a worthy addition. He runs about $80 USD before the shipping and taxes.  Let’s have a look at him!


The box for this figure is a matte black on the front with a circular logo in the center.  The logo has the character’s signature colors: bright orange and navy blue. 
The back cover has the action/accessories photos that are the same one that the company uses on their site to show of what you get inside the box.  It also has a few poses that you can do with Slade.  As for the box, this time, it is the slipcover box and when you lift it off, you see the figure behind the plastic window.  As per usual, you can see the figure and the accessories.



Mezco has done a comic book version with some real world thinking behind the design.  Slade has never looked better in a sort of mercenary/deadly assassin look with heavy armor on top but a flexible mid/bottom.  The coloring is a brilliant orange and navy blue with some accents of a green-blue in the pants.  The weathering on the armor looks excellent and is in a way that it looks naturally worn.  It’s a nice touch.

His pouches, bandolier, and straps are all a brown to look like leather.  I feel like they could look more weathered and match up with the rest of his gear.  It might be due to the way the shiny plastic throws it off but that is only my personal preference.

He comes with the two headsculpts: one with and one without the helmet.  The maskless version has him with his white hair in a crew cut style.  He has his signature eye patch and a goatee.  There are facial lines with some really nice techniques to age him.  It’s good that they included both looks because he does go maskless sometimes in the comics and in the cartoons.  Like the other entries in the One:12 Collective, the head is easy to swap out.


The accessories are the bandolier with a sheath for his sword, the sword, an assault rifle with a removable magazine, a pistol with a removable magazine, six interchangeable hands, and one base stand with logo as well as a pin holder and poseable plastic arm.

The bandolier is similar to the pouches on his belt with the brown coloring but it also has a few pouches on it as well.  There is only one, clear way to put it on him and it looks good with or without the sword in the sheathe.  The sheathe is attached by one piece and it doesn’t turn so don’t try or you’ll damage it.  I might have designed it with two pegs instead if only to not make the collector think that it spins.  

Everything included is detailed down to the most intricate spot.  The assault rifle has some scratches on it that are similar to the ones on his chest plate as if he was using to block an attack.  It has a black matte finish with an orange “pinstripe” down the side and on the scope as an accent color.  
The pistol also has a matte finish and the magazine is removable.  It can be used in a similar way to the rifle and he has a leg holster for storage.  It fits snugly to keep it from moving or falling out.


He is listed to have 30 points of articulation.  His top is fairly poseable but the heavy armor limits a lot of movements about the waist.  This includes the arms because they bunch up at the shoulders where there is no give.  Pushing them too far could easily damage the figure.
The legs have good movement on the hip forward and side-to-side.  The bending at the knees allows for some action poses because of the double knee joint that is used on this figure.  His feet move naturally at the ankles as they should.  

Combined with his gear on his body, the accessories finish him of nicely.  You can put him in a combination of ways with him aiming or simply holding the assault rifle or the pistol.  As I mentioned, the magazines on both guns are removable and one of the hands can hold the magazine to make it look like he is loading the weapon.  The other hands are for the sword and you can have the right hand back far enough to look like he is unsheathing it.  



This is a really accurate representation of Slade Wilson from head to toe. He even looks good next to Wade.
Mezco has designed him a more of a “real world” look rather than making him overly stylized. They included weapons and hands help with posing as well as keep up a variety.   Of course with fashion, you do lose function when it comes to flexibility.  The armor just doesn’t allow his upper body to move as much one might hope.  As a whole, I can easily recommend picking this one up and adding him to your DC or One:12 Collective Collection.

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