FERDINAND Ultra HD Blu-ray Review

Ferdinand is a 2017 American 3D computer-animated comedy-drama adventure film produced by Blue Sky Studios, Davis Entertainment and 20th Century Fox Animation. The film was based on Munro Leaf and Robert Lawson’s children’s book The Story of Ferdinand, written by Robert L. Baird, Tim Federle and Brad Copeland and directed by Carlos Saldanha. The film features the voice of John Cena as the titular role, along with Kate McKinnon, Anthony Anderson, Bobby Cannavale, Peyton Manning, Gina Rodriguez, Daveed Diggs, Gabriel Iglesias, Miguel Ángel Silvestre and David Tennant. The story, written by Ron Burch, David Kidd and Don Rhymer, follows a gentle pacifist bull named Ferdinand who refuses to participate in bullfighting but is forced back into the arena where his beliefs are challenged by being faced off against the world’s greatest bullfighter.

Ferdinand makes its way to Blu-ray and Ultra HD Blu-ray in style. John Cena lends his voice to the bull that is Ferdinand along with a cast of other animals voiced by many stars in which Ferdinand grows up on a bullfighting farm and is heckled for protecting flowers instead of being an aggressive bull. He ends up running away only to grow up on a florist’s farm where he grows into a hugely insane sized bull. He ends up back at the ranch where he deals with disrespect still but is befriended by a goat named Lupe who plans to train him into a bullfighting bull despite his lack of interest.

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Ferdinand comes packed with colors as do most animation features. That being said, the vibrant colors pop on the Ultra HD Blu-ray and the blu-ray disc also looks equally great. The UHD having the edge with the 4k resolution and HDR that really gives that over the top pop and darkness of the colors that make it shine through so to speak.

The audio is where Ferdinand succeeds in that the Ultra HD Blu-ray has a Dolby Atmos track and the Blu-ray has a DTS HD 7.1 track. No matter which way you need to go (even if you are 5.1) then you are in for a treat with great audio. I had great sound with my towers and center doing the bulk of the work while my rears and bookshelf monitors gave a great immersion when need be and the score really had things jamming.


Ferdinand comes packed with what is a nice slew of extras and features.

Ferdinand’s Guide to Healthy Living with John Cena
Confessions of a Bull Loving Horse
Creating the Land of Ferdinand
Anatomy of a Scene: The Bull Run
Learn to Dance with Ferdinand
Ferdinand’s Do It Yourself Flower Garden
A Goat’s Guide to Life
Ferdinand’s Team Supreme
Spain Through Ferdinand’s Eyes
“Home” Music Video
Creating a Remarka-Bull Song
Art of Ferdinand Gallery
Concept Paintings
Character Designs

Ferdinand while not the quality film of say a Disney Pixar film is still a rather enjoyable film especially for kids. I watched it with a 4 year old who found it very amusing and was enthralled into the film. Admittedly I thought the film wasn’t going to be as good as it was from the trailers I had seen prior to its box office run. I actually found it better than the trailers and the film looks lovely on both Blu-ray and Ultra HD Blu-ray.

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