HBO and Ommegang Brewery are releasing the Royal Reserve Collection this Spring!

As Game of Thrones approaches its final season HBO Licensing and Brewery Ommegang have teamed up for yet another great beer. This time around we have the inspired Royal Reserve Collection. A collectible series of four special limited release beers. Each designed and brewed as an homage to one of the four epic figures in battle for the seven kingdoms.

The first beer in the series is HAND OF THE QUEEN, a beer brewed for Tyrion Lannister. You can find these available through Ommegangs distribution network beginning in early April. HAND OF THE QUEEN will be offered in 750 ml bottles for $12.99 as well as in draft where available.

Brewed with a complex blend of specialty malts and carefully selected old world hops, HAND OF THE QUEEN is a rich full bodied version of a classic barleywine and comes in 10.7% ABV. Malt forward and multi-faceted the beer balances the intense flavors of brandy-soaked raisins and dark fruit with the lighter notes of apricot. Hints of molasses and toffee are evident before a finish characterized by the classic yet distinctive barleywine alcoholic heat.

The four different beers will all be available in draft and these lush 750 ml bottles with each launching in April, July, October and December. We’ll try to keep you informed of all the selections coming throughout the year.

Brewery Ommegang is located in Cooperstown, New York. They offer free daily tours with a 75 seat cafe. Their beers are distributed across 46 states and internationally meaning there is high likelihood you can find these Game of Thrones beers!

I was sent a sample to review and astonishingly they hit the nail on the head in describing this beer as a full bodied version of a classic barleywine to which I can attest to the deep dark like brandy soaked tastes with lighter notes infused. A very tasty beer and the right amount of alcohol so that you get what you pay for. Expertly crafted.

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