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This past weekend Five Points Festival held their sophomore show this time in Brooklyn at the Brooklyn Expo Center. The show put on by Clutter MagazineFive Points Festival is a celebration all things designer toys, street art, and beer and was kicked off with the Designer Toy Awards.

Again appearing at the show were the amazing people at 1000Toys. I was introduced to the company last year at the Five Points Festival and I was happy to see their return this year. Their Synthetic Human line really drew me in and while I couldn’t swing a figure last year I do plan on rectifying that come San Diego Comic Con time; but more on that later.

Founded in 2012 and based in Japan 1000Toys produces 1/6 scale and 1/12 scale art toys. Their featured products include the “TOA Heavy Industries” line featuring their very popular Synthetic Human. Their IZMOJUKI line by artist IZMOJUKI blends heavy machinery into the daily scenery of modern day Tokyo al in a 1/12 scale toy series. Finally their Mechatro WeGo moveable robots are another exclusive product line.

The Synthetic Humans Line has continued to grow. These 1/6 and 1/12 scale figures feature an amazing amount of articulation with near limitless poseability. 1000Toys are currently in their 3rd production run for their 1/12 scale and will soon have a really cool deco’ed version at the upcoming San Diego Comic Con – something I have decided I must get. The figures also continue to be customized with new collaborations; along with the previously announced GLYOSYNTH by Onel Design which continues to grow the series has added figures with Punk Drunkers. The 1/6 scale figures climb into the $150 range for the base figure and the 1/12 figure starts around the $65 range. Also similar to how 2017 had a Mechatro WeGo 2018 had a Synthetic Human Show including custom builds from Kallamity, Mecha Zone, Skulltoys, J.RYU and more.

Another product on display was a ROBOX Canvas White. This DIY transforming robot comes in the 1/12 scale and also features a tremendous amount of articulation. This version of the figure designed in collaboration with the world famous Korean artist Kim Jung-Gi comes in aclean white slate and a decal sheet allowing you to create your own unique version. Even the packaging is collectible with original illustrations drawn by Kim Jung-Gi.

1000Toys also showed off an Iron Giant figure they are working on which is due out later this year.

IZMOJUKI line, Mechatro WeGo line, and more!

Finally they had a showcase of popular artist they collaborate with including Kallamity, MechNoiz Toys, and Mecha Zone to name a few.

2018 Synthetic Human Custom Show Photos:

Feel free to check out more information about 1000Toys by visiting their site here

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