A review of Mezco’s One:12 Collective Doctor Strange figure!

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Doctor Stephen Strange…The Sorcerer Supreme and Master of the Mystical Arts is one of the most powerful characters in the Marvel Universe.  He first hit comics in Strange Tales #110 in July 1963. Mezco has released their version that is based on the typical depiction of him in the comics and this marks his first entry as a part of the One:12 Collective.


The box is back to the typical style with the slipover cover and the figure being in a plastic window.  The coloring of the box is predominately blue with the symbol for the New York Sanctum Sanctorum right in the middle.  The sides are red with the same symbol and the back has the “action/accessories” shot from the website.  The slipcover comes off and then there is a window to see the figure plus the Mezco logo on the back.  All of the accessories, along with the figure, are securely in place.


This is a mix of the Mezco designers’ and the classic look of The Doctor.  As mentioned earlier, the red, blue, and yellow that are all throughout his look are represented  in his costume. He has a thinner head and the Van Dyke.  He has the grey wings in his hair and looks like his comic book iteration. 

Actually, his overall look is slender and it gives him regality.  We will get to his cloak in a moment but let’s look at his clothing.  He has on a blue shirt with a paisley–esque design made from the coating that Mezco uses. It is almost like a plastic/rubber paint on the cloth material and works to keep the clothing loose.  He has on a gold sash around his waist that belongs.  The pants he is wearing are made from a mesh material that is similar to the Spider-Man costume and there are designs in black that are similar to his shirt.  Also like Spidey’s costume, the pants seamlessly blend with the feet.  He almost looks like he has slippers on and looks great when you point his feet.  The comic book version of Strange wears gloves to hide the scars on his hands and this one has on yellow ones with black dots on them.  They go to about mid-forearm.  The hands are yellow to match and move in the same manner as all of the One:12 Collective figures move.  

His cloak is large and flowing in the classic fashion.  It is a bold red and looks beautiful.  The collar is very high and it is attached by magnets to his chest.  It has gold trim that runs on the whole cloak except for the collar.  There is a thin, black design in the gold that adds a little character to the character.  There is a wire for posing in the lining of the cape so that whether he is standing or on the posing arm, it will look like magic is affecting it.


The Doctor comes with a ton of accessories.  Here’s what is included: the head-sculpt, six interchangeable hands, The Cloak of Levitation, an open Eye of Agamotto, a closed Eye of Agamotto, spell effect for offensive, spell effect for defensive, Astral form projection, an base stand arm for posing, the base stand with the New York Sanctum logo, and a bag for the accessories.

The Eye of Agamotto accessories have a peg that insert into a peg in his chest.  They are secure but also pop out with ease.  The Eye is where the corners of the cloak attack on the chest.  Its nice that they included both and either make sense for certain poses.

The spell effects are really cool and fit on his forearm perfectly.  You can swap them but by the way that the hands can be placed in them, they really only fit perfectly on the hands as they’re pictured.  They’re made out of a translucent material that catches the light well and they are different colors.  If you look at them closely, you can see the intricacies and they have a conjured look. 

The base stand and the arm are the typical pieces that are shipped with the One:12 Collective figures.  The logo takes up the entire circle and it has a removable foot peg.  This is where the am goes for posing stability and to simulate flight.  On a section of the arm right behind the figure and after the clamp is where the Astral Projection piece clips on.  This is a cool acerb because it is one of the abilities that makes the character unique. It is clear but with a very light blue hue. They also included their little accessories baggie with the label to write in the character’s name.


As for the flexibility of the figure, he rivals Daredevil or Spider-Man.  This is due to the non-constricting shirt and the pants/feet that work like the wall crawler.  The head swivels and can be put into most, natural poses.  The ankles and wrists allow free movement.  This is especially helpful in the hands because you can get all of the weird spell-casting positions that he does.  He can also sit with his legs in a crossed position and look like he is meditating or in the Astral Plane.  It’s an excellent touch.


This is a solid figure.  I’ll admit, I was worried that the cape might not be removable or have some weird way to make it stay on but the solution that Mezco went for works.  I think the character design is my favorite thing about the release.  It is the classic look and exactly what I would imagine if someone asked me to describe the character to someone who has never seen Strange before.  The cloak helps with hiding the posing arm more than most of the figures out there due its size.  Overall, this is a figure that I can easily recommend to any collector of the line, Marvel, or the Doctor Strange himself. 

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