[Toy Fair 2019] Dark Horse Showcase

Dark Horse always seem to have timely and relevant products to hot products. This year that included Hellboy and The Umbrella Academy as well as normal standbys The Witcher and Game of Thrones. Chris Gaslin, Senior Product Development Manager was on hand to provide a walkthrough of the Dark Horse booth.

Hellboy and The Umbrella Academy had new products including themed puzzles, coasters, mugs, journals, pins, and playing cards.

THE WITCHER line added Geralt, Yennefer, and Ciri figures as well the the Geralt relaxing in a bath figure which was revealed at Toy Fair 2018.

In the GAME OF THRONES line a new John Snow statue was revealed. A Iron Throne business card holder was on display but for me and I am sure many others the highlight of revealed products is a Dragonstone Stein. See below for some photos of this amazing piece.

Other licenses and already released items

Thanks again to the amazing people at Dark Horse for taking a few minutes to show Hi-Def Ninja around their booth and showing us their newest products.

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