[Toy Fair 2019] McFarlane Showcase

Next up is McFarlane Toys! McFarlane produces some amazing figures for many of today’s hottest properties. On top of their continuing licenses with Destiny, Call of Duty, Borderlands, and Stranger Things McFarlane appears to have made some huge gains in properties including Game of Thrones figures, Harry Potter figures releasing this year, and a new DC Universe Collectors license beginning in 2020.

Fortnite seemed like the big news out of all the companies this year and McFarlane has the figures and roleplay for you. The new wave available later this year includes Green Glow Skull Trooper, A.I.M., Jonesy, Dark Bomber, and Wild Card.

A new Goblin King figure will be available for you Labyrinth lovers.

For Game of Thrones lovers McFarlane has started to produce deluxe figures starting in the Spring. But the most important announcement, even more so than the Witch King and Daenerys Targaryen figures, are premium Dragons Drogon and Viserion in Ice Dragon form. These dragons are really well articulated for the price level and really I think I am going to find these in my local stores.

Call of Duty


Hello Neighbor, a new property from last year, continues to grow.

Stranger Things unfortunately had nothing new on display. I hear there are some Season 3 deco figures coming up though so be on the lookout.

For their construction sets line both Five Night’s at Freddy’s and Cuphead saw new sets.

As I mentioned above Harry Potter is a new license for McFarlane. Unfortunately no photography was allowed but I was shown some of the products coming and I’ll say fans will not be disappointed.

Thanks go out to McFarlane for letting Hi-Def Ninja in to tour their booth and chat for a few minutes.

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