TAKING TIGER MOUNTAIN REVISITED, starring Bill Paxton, to screen at Philip K. Dick Film Festival in New York this March! Blu-ray Release to Follow!

Long lost for more than 40 years, TAKING TIGER MOUNTAIN was recently recovered and restored in a newly prepared edition* entitled TAKING TIGER MOUNTAIN REVISITED (*with a newly added post-credits scene!) supervised and directed by the film’s original co-director Tom Huckabee.TAKING TIGER MOUNTAIN REVISITED recently premiered at the Oxford Film Festival this February, and will be released on home video from Etiquette Pictures this summer. On March 9th, TAKING TIGER MOUNTAIN REVISITED will screen at the Philip K. Dick Film Festival, held in New York, at 7:00 PM.

TAKING TIGER MOUNTAIN REVISITED will screen at the Philip K. Dick Film Festival in New York on March 9th at 7:00 PM. A blu ray / DVD video release will follow this summer.

SYNOPSIS: In a dystopian future, American draft dodger Billy Hampton (Bill Paxton in his first role), 19, is brainwashed and programmed by militant feminists to assassinate the Welsh minister of prostitution. Lurching unwittingly toward his goal, he makes a series of furtive connections with societal outliers like himself, including a feral child, a gentle prostitute, a sadomasochistic delinquent, a lovelorn androgyne, a hippie dope dealer, and a mute nymphomaniac, while fending off predators who would sell him into sex slavery. Eventually, he is forced to focus on his mission and face the dreadful dilemma tormenting his psyche: to kill or not to kill.

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