Will Disney+ Impact Disney SteelBooks?

Much has been talked about of the new streaming platform to come later this year from Disney called Disney+. However not much has shed light into the physical media world that many still adore. In particular for the readers and audience of this site SteelBooks come to mind. (the famous metal case packaging)

While many streaming platforms like to hit you with a plethora of their new content all at once Disney+ is supposed to release with some 500 movies and 7,000 episodes of content from the Disney channel. To keep things family friendly nothing R rated will be on Disney+ and finding that content in streaming will be in a library on Hulu. Why Hulu? Well the most likely reason for those who don’t know is that Disney owns 60% of Hulu. (with NBCUniversal owning 30% and WarnerMedia owning 10%)

We’re told that Disney plans to wait until their films have debuted in theaters and left the physical media sales window before they’ll appear on Disney+. So with that being said it will still allow for glorious Disney SteelBooks to be released for their typical new release physical media film slates.

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is a pop culture fanatic who loves to collect things from films that leave a lasting impression on him. A big fan of such brands like SteelBook, Mondo, and Sideshow. Favorite films or franchises include Braveheart, HEAT, Book of Eli, Ip Man, Nolan's Batman, Everything Marvel, and practically anything Quentin Tarantino touches. Proudly owns The Notebook, drives 88 mph, and know's exactly what was in Marsellus Wallace's briefcase!