A review of Mezco’s Thor and Hulk figures from their One:12 Collective!

Hulk: Hulk always… always angry.
Thor: I know. We’re the same, you and I. Just a couple of hot-headed fools.
Hulk: Yeah, same. Hulk like fire, Thor like water.
Thor: Well, we’re kind of both like fire.
Hulk: But Hulk like real fire. Like… raging fire. Thor like smoldering fire.

THOR: RAGNAROK is one of the best in the MCU and definitely the best film for The God of Thunder.  Mezco has added Thor and The Hulk to their One:12 Collective.  Both are in their Gladiator armors from the scene on Sakaar and look amazing.  Let’s get a better look at them.


The packaging for the two is very similar with some obvious differences such as the character’s name in the top left corner.  It is a blue stone-like design with black accents and the title of the film smack in the middle of the cover.  Moving to the sides, the designs from the front wraparound with the same information from the cover.  The back has the “action/accessories” shot from the website with the included accessories and head sculpts.


Thor: With Sparkles, I mean Thor, you can easily see Chris Hemsworth in all three included sculpts. Small scale heads are a bit tougher to get a true likeness but Mezco has done an excellent job here. The helmeted version might look like him the least but it also has a much more aggressive expression than the rest. It has the rotating wings on the side of the helmet but the head is fixed to the helmet. The other two are almost identical aside from the electric blue of his eyes on one of them.  The beard, hair, and nicks in his haircut are all there.  His outfit is the cobbled-together version of his armor but with pieces from the armory on Sakaar.  He has all of the writing on his armor and the new pieces.  He is wearing his torn cape that feels like a plastic material.  His build is accurate for the scale and works alone or next to Hulk.  There are actual material and plastic in places to make the armor not look like it is a boring, solid piece.  The armor, pants, and shin pieces are all accurate with the writing/red lettering. Hulk: The Incredible Hulk was the largest figure in the One:12 Collective and he is massive.  There are two included head sculpts: one with the helmet and one without.  The facial expressions are very “Hulk-y” with a lowered jaw to keep that angry look.  The coloring is spot on as far as the skin and hair but the teeth might be a bit too yellow.  Both have the silver paint over the right eye and speaking of the eyes, they are both very squinty. The helmeted sculpt has the large armor that wraps around and it is incredibly detailed.  It is all made out of the same material so there isn’t real hair in the crest or anything.  It looks like it is segmented with the large crest in red with black tips.  His mouth is wide open in a fit of rage.   The one without the helmet has the proper hairstyle from the film.  The mouth on this one is closed.  It’s just a beautiful looking sculpt; especially at this scale. As for his armor, there are pieces that are softer vinyl that is to look like leather with bands across his chest.  His belt is made out of the thicker vinyl to match the other faux leather pieces.  It also has a cloth material that sits under it as if has plain coverings on.  The same material is on his shins but there are components that are fixed.  The sandals are sculpted on and match up with the rest of the figure as far as color. The pieces that are supposed to look like metal are a thicker, hard plastic with the paint to finish it off.  His body has the Sakaar paint in the various places that seamlessly run from edge to edge.  Some of the other sculpted pieces that are supposed to be like fabrics are painted with a less-glossy finish.


Thor:  Thor comes with all of the essentials: the three (3) head-sculpts, six (6) interchangeable hands, a mace, two swords, a double sword sheathe with fixed swords, a double sword sheathe without the swords, a shield, the lightning effect, a base stand arm for posing, the base stand with the movie logo, and a bag for the accessories. All of Thor’s hands have armor on the topside and they are a mirrored on both sides.  He has two (2) fists, two (2) hands for holding weapons, and two (2) that are half open.  The combinations make for some interesting posing and work opposite The Hulk in the arena.  The skin tone is a match and the armor matches the other pieces as well.  The gripping hands work with the swords, the mace, and his shield.  All of the weapons are movie accurate with the details looking spot on.  There is some nice weathering on all of them so that they don’t look squeaky clean.  The shield has a rotating arm piece for the gripping hand with a gripping bar (this is so difficult to describe).  There is golden paintwork and the red/blue accents all over it.  This allows the shield to be posed in multiple positions.  The mace has some red and gold as well but it looks much more worn than any other weapon that he carries.  The shape and grip design is perfect. The swords have a metallic blue finish with details that make it almost seem segmented because, in the movie, they are kind of self-expanding when he uses them in the movie.  The hilts are different just like in the film.  Its a subtle detail but very nice that it wasn’t overlooked. The sheathes both with and without the swords are pressed into a hole in Thor’s back to keep them in place.  The hilts that are showing in the sheaths are fixed and not to be removed.  Honestly, why would you because it’s not as if the swords could expand on their own, am I right? Now, the lightning effect is very cool and works for a few looks but it doesn’t work in all poses.  It might be because of the shape of it but I will say that the translucent effect is a must for the figure.  This ability was a big deal in the movie so not including it would’ve been a mistake. I just wish there was more of the pieces. The base stand is the typical disc with the THOR: RAGNAROK movie logo front and center.  There is the standard peg that is removable and that’s where the clear posing arm plugs into.  He is light enough for the arm to hold him into place when doing aerial poses or holding him in a more dynamic pose.  There aren’t any clip-on extras for the posing arm and it is very standard. Hulk: He comes with the two (2) head-sculpts, six (6) interchangeable hands, a spiked battle ax, a war maul, a base stand arm for posing, the base stand with the movie logo, and a bag for the accessories. Hulk’s hands are two (2) fists, two (2) posing hands, and two (2) holding hands.  All of them have easily discernible hands by having the right hands having a leather-wrapped hand and armor.  The left hand has a blue wrap on it. Hulk’s spiked battle ax and war maul have a very weathered look with a corroded rust finish.  The design of the maul is close to the movie but the ax is not accurate at all.  It is a single-sided ax as opposed to having two edges.  That being said, its balanced well and Hulk can hold it up with ease.  He looks bad ass and intimidating. Now, his base stand and posing arm is exactly like Thor’s with the logos being the same as well.  The only thing is that with the size and weight of The Hulk, there is no way that he can use the arm.  The clamp won’t even fit around any body part aside from his arm. I was able to balance the figure for a few minutes of photos but he didn’t stay aerial past that.  Maybe they should’ve tried to use a thicker clamp for these larger figures that they are getting into like Darkseid, Cable, or doing another Hulk in the future.


Thor has the body with the ability to move like most of the other standard male figures like Logan or even Popeye.  The only hindrance is the way that some of the covering armor moves but I’ll get to that in a bit.  On both of the arms, the gauntlets are fixed so that movement isn’t really an issue.  However, the left side is a little different with pieces still being fixed but with connecting pieces to make it look whole while moving freely.  Make sense? The armor on the torso has enough room to let him twist naturally and not bind up the armor.  Of course, you can overdo it and damage the clothing so be aware of how far he is moved.  His pants are definitely loose enough to make the legs bend at the natural 90° in the knees.  The ankles and hips have the appropriate amount of movement. The Hulk  The Hulk is a little different,  Giving him a once over, he looks like he is built very much like Darkseid with a large torso and limbs that can move freely.  The torso is a solid piece that doesn’t move under the pecks like other figures from the line.  To be honest, it doesn’t affect the posing of the figure because that movement is compensated in the other areas like the waist and shoulders.  The head moves well where it meets the neck and does so naturally.  His hands and feet are huge…period.  The hands hold his weapons properly in place and have a thicker wrist peg for support and preventing breakage.  The feet are wide and also offer proper support.


Thor and Hulk are awesome figures by themselves but they are incredible together.  They have the look and feel that you want from in a figure from the head sculpts to the accessories.  Sure, The Hulk’s weapons aren’t exactly movie accurate but they still look superb when posed properly.  As for Thor, I would maybe have wanted some more lightning effects included or even a part that lights up like on the Iron Man figure. Articulation is solid on both figures.  I do still have some issues with the figure stand and arm for Hulk.  They might have tried to make something that would actually hold him or just leave it out altogether.  I’ll admit, I could possibly be doing something wrong but I think that I’ve worked with these figures enough to know what I’m doing. These are excellent entries to the One:12 Collective and you need to pick them up.  ‘Nuff Said.


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