[Five Points Festival 2019] Artists at the Show

Five Points Festival recently wrapped on their third year at the Brooklyn Expo Center. The show put on by Clutter Magazine is a celebration all things indie from designer toys, street art, pins, patches tattoos, and beer.

Many of the artists work across multiple mediums and with different styles. As I mentioned the line between traditional art and designer toys was blurred however as I typically do I’ll be splitting my coverage up based on more traditional companies and artists and their own companies.

Below I’ll be featuring some of the more traditional artists exhibiting at the show.

A newcomer to Five Point Festival AttackPeter seems on the cusp of being a name. Each one of his pieces is hand carved on a block of linoleum which is then hand printed, like a stamp. But because of the process the art has to be carved backwards so when stamped it comes out correctly. Not only that but the prints are stamped on a special paper called lokta which is hand made in Nepal. His process is amazing and his designs are amazing as well.

A last minute addition to Designer Con AttackPeter’s prints brought him enough attention and praise that he won a fellowship from the Kevin Workman Foundation. As a recipient he was awarded a booth at San Diego Comic-Con in July. I certainly will pass by his booth!

Tara McPherson // The Cotton Candy Machine
A regular at Comic Cons and other pop culture events Tara McPheresons traditional art, vinyl toys, posters, apparel, and books her unique style and use of colors are instantly recognizable

Camilla D’Errico
Camilla d’Errico creates manga-inspired art as well as fashion, accessories, art books, and more. I really enjoyed her style and figures often feature figures each with one eye contrasting with the other. I hope to see more of her work in the future.

ISH is Justin Ishmael’s new passion. With everything from Prints and Designer Toys to Apparel, and other things there is always something running through Justin’s mind. Having worked with some of the world’s most talented creatives you should only expect the best stuff out of ISH.

Lux Nova Studio
A more traditional artist Morgan Wilson had some really unique pieces ranging from subtle to overt sexuality. Printed on various mediums including some apparel pieces I was impressed by her style.

Matthew Lineham & Big Purple Glasses
www.mlinehamart.com & www.bigpurpleglasses.com
Matthew Lineham and Carrie Winiker are New York illustrators and painters creating pop culture inspired nostalgia. Their mini felt pennants bring a bit of humor to classic 80’s scary movies and their art style has a clever ironic feel to it.

Charles V. Bennett – The Tennesse Wolfman
I really liked seeing Charles’ wooden sculpural paintings often featuring broken skateboards in a horror theme. I especially enjoyed the zombie batman.

Mutant Pulp
A small run paper products company Mutant Pulp create paper pop-ups with a Monster and Sci-fi/Fantasy Theme. Their pieces have the quality of the bigger companies I have seen in the game but with a more quirky feel. I really enjoyed their mini horror cards as well as their really cool skull piece

Created by Emma SanCartier OddFauna features fantastical creatures across many mediums including prints, pins, sculpture, and stationary. I really like her tiny fox den piece which are inside a 4×4 birch box

Nana Williams
From pins, traditional art, and sculpture figures all with a fantatical theme Nana Williams had some really stunning pieces. The lizard biting its own tail was spectacularly detailed and her Krampus pin was a really unique piece.

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